Excellence Awards 2015
The Grand Opening Of Downtown Summerlin Jean Jacques Pochet, Nadine Froger Photography

The Grand Opening Of Downtown Summerlin

The Challenge: To turn the perception of a new shopping "mall" into a world-class destination...Downtown Summerlin.  Our solution?  Technology.  

The Challenge: To turn the percerption of a new shopping "mall" into a world class destination...Downtown Summerlin. Our solution? Technology.

Ten trailers of gear, 18 generators 1200 amps each, four miles of cable, over 400 moving lights, a custom 9' high stage rig, 100 color-coded crew, a 1.6 million square foot event space the stage for four days of non-stop experiences for 250,000 people.

The unique objective? Create a series of events that brand DS as "the place to be" - all through every possible form of technology and entertainment. Challenges? Everything! i.e. The client was hands on with every element starting at 10 p.m. the night before the first day of four days of events. Programming was not in their realm of experience, so we received music tracks at 3 a.m. day of show. Challenge enough for YOU?

Night One: LED drum line leading into the CEO's jewel-encrusted glove that cut through a laser light beam that set off multiple lasers over the heads of 25,000 cheering guests. 400 moving lights lit up the storefronts in pattern, movement, and brilliant color. The skies exploded with Grucci's incredible fireworks show that included pyro from all the rooftops. LEDs created complimentary and exciting content set to the CEO's last minute track (are you all laughing yet at the challenge of 14 minutes of music delivered hours before the event?). Ten thousand Xylobands were distributed to guests to synchronize with the other effects and bring the cheering crowd into the exhilarating energy being created. Headliner DJ Ravidrums electrified the crowd to make the entire experience underscore that evening's theme of  “Light Show.”

Grand Finale Extravaganza Opening Night. Lauren Grucci/Fireworks by Grucci

Three more days and nights of non-stop action followed.

Day Two: “Sound Scape.” We changed up all the tech to make Night Two an entirely different event, one geared toward the younger generation to create an exciting street party that featured acts that included multiple celebrity DJs , dancers on platforms, and more. Great dance music drove the energy of the night while confetti and CO2 blasts, and a new laser show was supported with more custom content that added to the special effects to add another wow!

Main Stage Night Set Up Night 1

Midnight of night two we tore down the main stage and moved it to the opposite side of the property so that those stores would get some attention, too. Seven hours later 6:00 am rehearsals began for "Street Style." 

A 50 foot-long catwalk in the middle of the street featured six different fashion shows for men and women of all ages. Glam makeovers brought guests right up on the catwalk, which meant two 45-minute changeovers to accommodate hair and make-up stations while adhering to power and public safety compliance. 

Night Three Extreme Fashion Show Stage

9:00PM: With LED backdrops, an adrenaline-inducing Extreme Fashion Show featured dancers, trick skaters, LED drummers, ribbon twirlers, and high-flying stilt jumpers integrated with elegant fashion on the runway ending in a ballyhoo of lights and confetti followed by American Idol beatboxer, Blake Lewis and the West Coast Bounce. The challenge? To keep the crowds returning night after night had to be completely different. Challenges met!

Design Team:

Executive Producer:  Andrea Michaels

Technical Producer: Greg Christy

Technical Director: Eric Hanson

Video Lead: Guy Conger

Audio Lead: Marty Theel

Master Electrician: Jay Hathaway

Lighting Programmer: David Flad

Key Equipment:

1 twin pack generator

12 tow plant generators

10,000’ feeder

12 moving light distros

65 Sharpys

280 MAC Auras

185 MAC Vipers

400 star strobes

Grand MA 2 Full

Grand MA 2 Light

24 QSC Wideline 10

Yamaha PM5D

480 Absen 5 mil video tiles

1 jib


Switching package

All photos with the exception of the Fireworks photo (as credited) are courtesy of JJean Jacques Pochet/Nadine Froger Photography.

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