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Cisco GSX 2014

Cisco GSX 2014

With the rate of change in the market, Cisco was required to transition from a hybrid program, to a live, face-to-face experience. Among the challenges: double the length of the event, vastly expand the training content; and deliver an engaging experience for their sales force of 17,000 on an extremely limited, eighteen week, timeline.  

The creative partners on GSX (GPJ, TenCue, and Juxt) engaged in brainstorming in ideation workshops to craft an expression that captured the urgency of moving forward with confidence and speed, but acknowledged the Cisco brand’s reputation for security, reliability, and safety.

From main tent keynotes at the MGM Grand Garden arena, to the branding of event signage, to breakout session presentations throughout the Mandalay Bay venue, all event content revolved around this challenge to attendees: Be Bold. 

Keynotes and General Sessions

Cisco designed and delivered multiple celebration events to support their recognition objectives and to ensure there was plenty of time for sellers to have some fun.

To create the setting, the design involved four two-sided, curved screens suspended above the audience to showcase the main content and to create an easy viewing angle for every seat throughout the arena. 

Three 8MM LED pyramids, six LED globes, and six LED cubes floated overhead supporting the visuals on the main screen, while providing eye-catching image magnification for additional branding for Cisco.  The 11.25 MM LED cubes were built at different dimensions playing to the eye and creating 3D effects of the graphic content.

The Hub

To extend the learning experience from keynotes and general sessions, Cisco showcased the technology and solutions that make the Internet of Everything real through a 60,000 square foot space called “The Hub."

Every touch point in the Hub was developed to extend the program’s communication objectives through a broader variety of experiences supporting a broader range of learning styles.

            The IoE Dashboard:

The GSX team designed a massive touchscreen installation that surfaced a broad array of data, video, and other activity monitored by a variety of Cisco technology installed throughout the city of Las Vegas.

Each variable was depicted in an elegantly illustrated, easy to understand, and contextually relevant animated environment.  Built with custom micro-tiles, the IoE dashboard was the attendee’s window into the plethora of connected things that make up Cisco’s one of a kind “Fabulous Internet of Everything” GSX experience.  Not only did the IoE inform logistical coordination of details such as shuttles moving over 17,000 people around the city, and allow real time response to event needs, the dashboard educated attendees and inspired them to higher creativity with their own clients.

The Connect Challenge:

Colleagues entered a round space lit by overhead projection graphics to play a game together.  Their attendee profile information (their home office, areas of expertise and interest) was scanned as they entered the space, and the Connect Challenge application would pair players with similar interests, or a player with expertise with another interest in that topic.  Teams would then compete in a live-action game, which detected their movement, and challenged teams to move together to volley a projected graphic back and forth- with the best collaborating pair delivering the winning shot.  

Event App

The event app features helped foster smarter networking among attendees and enabled sellers to advance their opportunities and improve the probability of success.


GPJ: Event strategy and logistics, environmental design, and special events production

TenCue: Creative and video production

LMG, Inc.:  Provided equipment for video, audio and LED tiles

Juxt: Digital experiences

InXpo: Virtual event platform and session scheduling tool

Lanyon: Registration tool



32 Barco HDX18K Projectors

6 LDK6000 Cameras

Lightware 32x32 DVI Router

Spyder X20 Package


Hi-Definition Kahuana Switcher


FOH: Yamaha LS9-16 and Yamaha PM5D

Monitor Control: Yamaha M7CL

Riedel Digital Intercom Package

48 Kara Full Range Speakers

K1 Speakers

K2 Speakers


F-LED F-11 LED tiles

60 8MM LED tiles

50 8MM Triangle LED tiles

LED Globes

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