90th Anniversary of Premier Tech


For their 90th anniversary, Premier Tech wanted to create an event that would unify all their employees and partners. Something unique that would create a sense of pride and bring forth the company's mentality. One of the objectives was to create memories that the guests would remember forever.

BlackOut designed a huge structure at Premier Tech's headquarters to represent collaboration and teamwork. Two structural elements merge together to create the entire structure and poetically represent the image of team strength. It was designed to be impressive during the day under the sunlight and also to receive all the performances of the artists during the evening like a traditional stage would. At the start of the evening, everybody was celebrating and having a great time. Nobody of the 2500 guests suspected what would happen next. At the end of the first shows, the structure was brought to life with a 12 minute multimedia experience showcasing the essence of the company and its history.

Our team created an impressive animated canvas for this. With specific video effects, we were able to create 3D optical illusions that tricked the audience. The content of this video mapping was created to always be impressive by its size. It was built with scaffolding and covered with a special see-through stretch tile. We used 3D effects several times to highlight the structure and gave punches during the show with traditional lighting.  After the multimedia experience, a DJ located 30 feet high inside the structure performed his set to extend the festivity for all the guests.

The owner of Premier Tech wanted a modern & dynamic way to celebrate and he was more then happy with the result!

The whole idea brought a fresh, digital twist on how to do a traditional company anniversary.

Equipment List:

1 X Ma Lighting Grand Ma1 Full
2 X Ma Lighting Grand Ma1 Light
3 X Ma Lighting Grand Ma1 NSP
18 X Vari*Lite VL3500 Spot
7 X Vari*Lite VL3500 Wash
8 X Vari*Lite VL3000 Spot
22 X Martin Atomic3000 + Scroller
26 X Chauvet Legend
40 X SGM Genio Mobile
12 X ETC Leko S4 750W
50 X ETC Par S4 575W
16 X RED Beacon

1 X COOLUX Media manager PRO
3 X COOLUX Media server PRO
6 X BARCO 20000 lumens video projector FLM - HD20

Design Team:

Production design by blackoutdesign.ca
Lighting, set and video design by blackoutdesign.ca
Video and musical content created by blackoutdesign.ca
Creative director - Hubert Gagnon
Lighting director - Dominic Lemieux
Lighting assistant - François Lévesque
Musical director - Michael Litresits
Multimedia directors - Manuel Galarneau and Joey Booth
Projection director - François David
Coolux programmer - Thomas Lamoureux
Production coordinator - Sarah Cloutier-Hébert
Technical director - Pascal Boileau and Simon Patry

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