Save 20% On LDI's Exclusive Leonardo Tour At Perception Las Vegas

One of the special tours at LDI this year is a tech tour of Perception Las Vegas, a new museum for immersive and high-tech digital art installations, opened on June 10, 2022 with the world premiere of Leonardo: The Universal Man. Chronicling the life and works of Leonardo da Vinci, one of history’s greatest thinkers, the hour-long, three-part journey will transport guests into the mind of the Renaissance master. da Vinci changed the perception of humankind through his visionary ideas, science and art.

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Robert Frey, Perception CEO, says, “Our concept celebrates one of history’s most remarkable visionaries by putting his work into a completely captivating visual and audio experience unlike anything that exists. This is a 360-degree, fully immersive, multi-sensory exhibit and experiential film that celebrates da Vinci in a way you’ve never seen before and won’t see anywhere else.”

Join an incredible group of speakers for this an tour of this immersive environment:

Storm Leland Roper: Technical Director and Assistant General Manager, Perception Las Vegas

Anthony Rodriguez: Vice President of Operations, Millipede Management

Gabriella Ledur: Assistant General Manager, Perception Las Vegas

Rutger Jansen: Senior Vice President of Production and Operations, Insomniac

Frank Verbeek: International Production Manager, Top Gear Live shows & Glory Kickboxing

Three distinct, 360-degree gallery exhibits will envelop guests in da Vinci’s works, studies and findings as an architect, engineer, alchemist, artist, philosopher and sculptor:

The Grand Salon

Grand Salon: Chapters of the Genius’ Life – On arrival, guests will enter a 28-foot-tall, four-wall theater where they journey to Renaissance-era Italy through da Vinci’s eyes, as chapters of his life unfold during a 35-minute film. Each wall of the theater will portray a different visual perspective of the same story as the narrative unfolds. Using advanced laser projection and transportive audio, guests will learn about da Vinci’s engineering and architectural feats as they take flight in his Flying Machine, stand in cathedrals digitally constructed through geometry and float through Tuscany on a parachute originally designed by the master himself.


Mona Lisa

The Gallery: Mona Lisa’s Perception – In this gallery, guests will be greeted by Lisa del Giocondo – better known to the world as Mona Lisa. Accompanied by an original musical score, Mona Lisa tells the story of her impact on the world for more than 500 years as the best-known, most-visited, sung- and written-about image in the art world.


Painting With Light at Perception

Painting with Light: The Last Supper – As guests continue their digital voyage, they will be intrigued by this fresh take on one of da Vinci’s most legendary paintings during the Italian High Renaissance: The Last Supper. In a gallery with floor-to-ceiling, surround-sound LED walls, one of the world’s most famous works of art will come to life through an explosion of light, color, shape and sound.

Perception is the brainchild of nightlife pioneer Robert Frey and entrepreneur Ned Collett. The team engaged Dutch multidisciplinary creative agency, TWOFIFTYK, to bring Leonardo: The Universal Man to life. TWOFIFTYK has created digital entertainment for music giants and festivals including Electric Daisy Carnival, Martin Garrix, and Armin Van Buuren.

Register here for LDI's exclusive tour of this new immersive experience, before it opens to the public on Saturday, November 19, 2022. Discussions include topics as power, use of media servers, a look at the control room, how the technology was selected, the development plan from inception to launch in Las Vegas, Leonardo's original content/content in-house creation. Plus a demo of what the system can do.

Limited to 50 people. 

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Leonardo: The Universal Man at Perception Digital Art Experience - Group 15% Discount tickets (

CODE: Indigo 



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