Band Together © Steve Jennings

VER Bands Together With Bay Area

After the deadly wildfires in Northern California, over 60 companies in the Bay Area joined forces to host Band Together, a benefit concert supporting the North Bay Fire Relief efforts. Featuring headliners Metallica, Dead & Company, and Dave Matthews Band, the show was put together in record time. VER Tour Sound supplied a Meyer Sound Leo package for the event. Gabe Nahshon of VER handled the account.

The main hangs included 16 Leo line array loudspeakers and four Lyon-W line arrays, the same for the side hangs. Nine 1100-LFC low-frequency control elements were flown off to the side. Across the front of the stage were 12 three-high stacks of 1100s as well as a Leopard compact linear line array loudspeaker on top of each of the stacks for front fill. Each of the three delay towers featured eight Lyon-M loudspeakers and eight Lyon-Ws, while the center delay towers included eight and four of each, respectively.

“We have a really efficient operations team,” says Kenny Sellars, VER System Engineer. “The Meyer Sound system was put together in our Vegas shop. Everyone in the office jumped in to fulfill this last minute request, working 9-10-11 hour days. I think we’re always ready to pull things off last minute, but this one came together nicely from all different sides.”

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