U2’s Claw Set Bought By Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

U2 360 Tour Claw
U2's stage set called The Claw

At the end of U2’s wildly successful 360° Tour in 2011, Live Design posed the question: What Will Happen To The U2 360 Claw? Now we know the answer!

Designed by the late genius Mark Fisher of Stufish in London, UK, the 200-ton “claw” scenic monster was built by Stageco, with three versions for the three-year tour. One of these claws will now find its way to a nine-acre site in Salt Lake City, Utah. Live Design covered the tour design extensively, including the article, U2 360º Space Station: Mark Fisher’s Futuristic Set Design, and it was voted one of the top concert designs of all time

As reported by Andy Greene in Rolling Stone on April 10, 2018, the claw will become a permanent installation at Salt Lake City's Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. The story goes that in 2009, Brett Anderson, founder and CEO of the aquarium, was in Barcelona for the kick off of the U2 360° Tour. "I didn't even want to walk into the stadium," says Andersen. "I was kind of holding up the line because I just wanted to look at it and take it in. I didn't really view it as just simply a functional piece of architecture. For me, it was a dynamic sculpture. It was a work of art."

Check out the U2 360º Tour microsite.

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