U2 Crew 360°

Jake Berry, production director for U2 360°, recently joked that the tour had gotten so large and complex that the production team should be called Crew 360. Judging by the design, production, and vendor crew list below, he’s not far off. The group of individuals involved in this tour below clocks in at over 250, but that doesn’t include all of the staffers working for the vendors involved on the tour (PRG, Tait Towers, Kinesys, Clair Brothers, XL Video, etc, also listed below). Add those folks, plus, we guess, the four band members, and they may be pretty close to that final tally.

Show Designer/Director: Willie Williams
Video Screen Concept: Frederic Opsomer, Barco
Video Screen Kinetic Design: Chuck Hoberman
Production Architect/Designer: Mark Fisher
FOH Audio Director: Joe O'Herlihy
Video Director: Tom Krueger
Video Content Producer: Sam Pattinson
Video Content: Catherine Owens
Video Technical Director: Stefaan “Smasher” Desmedt
Presentation Animation: Adrian Mudd
Lighting Director: Ethan Weber
Associate Lighting Designer: Alexander Murphy
Production and Technical Design: Jeremy Lloyd
Structural and Membrane Engineering: Neil Thomas, Atelier One
Project Leader, Hoberman Associates: Matt Davis
Project Engineer, Hoberman Associates, Ziggy Drozdowski
Video Screen Structural Engineering: Buro Happold, New York
Lead Structural Engineer, Buro Happold: Oliver Osterwind, Barco
Video Screen LED System: Frederic Opsomer, Barco
Membrane Form Finding: Gavin Sayers, David Dexter Associates
Technical Coordinator: Nick Evans
Video Screen Technical Management: Richard Hartman


Production Director: Jake Berry
Tour Director: Craig Evans
Stage Manager: Rocko Reedy
Assistant Stage Manager: George Reeves
Production Coordinator: Helen Campbell
Prod Coordinator: Jessica Berry
Tour Coordinator: Alison Larkin
Lights Crew Chief: Nick Barton
Lighting: Temporary Crew Chief through Paris: Rodney Clay
System Crew Chief: Craig Hancock
Lights: Dimmers/Distro: Mick Stowe
Lights: General/Mains: Stuart Lee
Lights: Hi Platforms: Russell 'Bits' Lyons
Lights: Moving Lights: Andrew Beller
Lights: Moving Lights: Blaine Dracup
Lights - Moving Lights: Jake Sullivan
Lights: Chris Keene
Lights: Jessica LaPoint
Lights: Alison Triplett
Lights: Gareth Morgan
Lights: Christopher Davis

LED Tech/Crew Chief: Patrick Van Steelant
Video Engineer: Bob Larkin
Video Engineer: Jeroen “Myway” Marain
LED Tech: Jan Bonny
LED Tech: Jeroen Mahieu
Camera Operator: Mark Cruikshank
Camera Operator: Gordon Davies
Camera Operator: Luke Levitt
Camera Operator: Eoin McLoughlin
Video: Oliver Clybouw
Video: Tobias Kokemper
Video: Frederik Goemaere, Barco
Video: Jan Paulsen

Head Rigger: Todd Mauger
Rigger: Scott Fremgen
Rigger: Robert Slepicka
Rigger: Dion Pearce
Head Carpenter: Flory Turner
Assistant Head Carpenter: AJ Rankin
Carpenter: Gino Cardelli
Carpenter: Johnny Gonzalez Mendez
Carpenter: Andrew Johnstone
Carpenter: Hajime “Haji” Minatodani
Carpenter: Jesse Thayer
Carpenter: Appy Thörig
Carpenter : "Sox" Shewmake

Head of Automation: Raffaele Buono
Automation Tech: Jack Richard
Automation Tech: Timothy Woo

Crew Chief and Drum Tech: Sam O'Sullivan
Edge Guitars: Dallas Schoo
Keyboards: Terry Lawless,
Adam Clayton Guitar Tech: Stuart Morgan
Electronics Wizard: Colm 'Rab' McAllister
Bono Guitar Tech: Phil Docherty

Wardrobe Associate: Karen Nicholson
Wardrobe Asst: Chloe Bloch
Wardrobe Asst.: Eva Maguire

Monitor Engineer: David Skaff
Monitor Engineer: Niall Slevin
Monitor Engineer /Recording: Alistair McMillian
Consultant : Robbie Adams
Sound Crew Chief: Jo Ravitch
Sound: Ben Blocker
Sound: Dave Coyle
Sound: Hannes Dander
Sound: Thomas 'Duds' Ford
Sound: Chris Fulton
Sound: Kelsey Gingrich
Sound: Pascal Harlaut
Sound: Joel Merrill
Sound: Jason O'Dell
Sound: Vincent Perreux
Sound: Jennifer Smola

Crew Chief CAT Power: Jon Boss
CAT Power: Dennis Crespo
CAT Power: Jason McCabe
CAT Power: Erich Nemier
CAT Power: Michael Tagliabue
CAT Power: Francsisco Reyes
CAT Power: Jimmy Angerami
IT: Joshua Kapellen
Frequencies: Joshua Flower
Health and Safety: Dave Wilke
Ambiance Director: James Jacques
Ambiance Asst.: Mark Caldwell
Tour Accountant: Ian Jeffery
Security Director: Scott Nichols
Personal Chef - Sweet Chili: Sandy Hylton
Catering: Steve Quinn
Catering: Franca Geppert
Catering: Joshua Ireland
Catering: Courtney Keene
Catering: Tai Lopez
Catering: Lindsay McGoran
Catering: Rob Mullen
Catering: Natalie Parkinson
Catering: Chris Ricalis
Catering: Christian Streppel
Catering: Marisa Zoccolan
VIP Party Coordinator: Jared Braverman
VIP Party Coordinator: Jessica Yaccino
Red Zone: Fran Coombs
Merch – All: Paul Nolan
Merch – EU: Graeme Bell
Merch EU: Jonathan Ellis
Merch USA: Richard Carter
Production Security Coordinator: Knute Brye
Ticketing and Security Assistant: Sarah O'Herihy
Ncompass: Andrew Kloack
Ncompass: Joseph Lucchese
Ncompass: Scott Graves
Ncompass: Carl Lyon
Ncompass: Valerie Adamson

Primary Steelwork Fabrication: StageCo
Main Stage, “B” Stage and Bridge Fabrication: Tait Towers
Video Screen Fabrication: Innovative Designs
Video Screen Truss Fabrication: Wi Creations
Video Screen Automation: Kinesys Projects Limited
Membrane Fabrication: Architen Landrell Associates
Polyp Mushrooms: Steel Monkey Engineering
Motion Control System Design: Kinesys
Cigar/Pylon/Spire: Brilliant Stages
PA System: Clair Brothers
Lighting System: PRG
Video System: XL Video

Site Coordinator: Toby Fleming
Advance Caterer: Adrian Morson
StageCo Crew Chief: Johan 'Bellekes' Van Espen
StageCo Supervisor (tower two): Michael Hillebrand
StageCo: António Alves Monteiro
StageCo: Tim Beckers
StageCo: Olaf Brinkmann
StageCo: Austin Brown
StageCo Cees Dazler
StageCo: Arne De Kneght
StageCo: Jo De Wit
StageCo: Mark Gandy
StageCo: Wilco Geerts
StageCo: Rene Havermans
StageCo: Jonathan Hawkins
StageCo: Jan Heylen
StageCo: Hans Koersen
StageCo: Tambani Lokoza
StageCo: Franz Rieger
StageCo: Jasper Ruebens
StageCo: Franciscus Schilte
StageCo: Kurt Schneider
StageCo: Sonya Schubert
StageCo: Yuri Sparidaans
StageCo: Tom Strauf
StageCo: Karsten Truyens
StageCo: Michiel van den Boomen
StageCo: Roman Van Den Dugen
StageCo: Martin van Eijk
StageCo: Jan van Eyck
StageCo: Johan Van Lieshout
StageCo: Jesse Winn

Site Coordinator: Robert Hale
Advance Caterer: Paul Kennedy
StageCo Crew Chief: Patrick Martens
StageCo: Kim Achterberg
StageCo: Koen Daems
StageCo: Eivind Haugen
StageCo: Ludo Hoebrechts
StageCo: Stefan Jans
StageCo: Christopher Lanosga
StageCo: David 'Cinch' Lanosga
StageCo: Marcel Leederts
StageCo: Thomas Lomanto
StageCo: Marc Melotte
StageCo: Dalibor Misura
StageCo: Lothar Schader
StageCo: Lennart Siik
StageCo: Bjorn Steegen
StageCo: Robert Szerszyn
StageCo: Jimmy Termaat
StageCo: Carly Thomas
StageCo: Janneman Van Battum
StageCo: Bart Van Damme
StageCo: Marco Van de Beek
StageCo: Michel Van Der Veken
StageCo: Erwin Van Duyse
StageCo: Mark van Gorp
StageCo: Jozef Vermeerbergen
StageCo: Gregory Vervoort
StageCo: Jaap Vriens
StageCo: Norbert Wiesinger
StageCo: Ryan Worsham

Site Coordinator: Seth Goldstein
Advance Caterer: Matthew Pierce
StageCo Crew Chief: Hendrik Verdeyen
StageCo: Milt Angelopoulos
StageCo: Jason Bond
StageCo: Wim Carens
StageCo: Wilfried Celen
StageCo: Huckle Cleary
StageCo: Ken De Roovere
StageCo: Andreas Eibl
StageCo: Randall Ellson
StageCo: Magnus Harding
StageCo: Iain Hardwick
StageCo: Ben Hommers
StageCo: Hugues Imschoot
StageCo: Johan Jonckheere
StageCo: Oisin Kelly
StageCo: Janos Kerekgyarto
StageCo: Jurgen Krauts
StageCo: Patrick Lively
StageCo: Erik Muhm
StageCo: Florian Sadrawetz
StageCo: Chris Staal
StageCo: Benny Sterckx
StageCo: Joerg Strobel
StageCo: Marc Van Dijck
StageCo: Rudi van Hool
StageCo: Christophe Van Hostauijen
StageCo: Maarten van Kruijsdijk
StageCo: Pieter van Tulder
StageCo: Florus Van Zaten
StageCo: Bill Yager
Field Cover: Okan Tombulca
Field Cover: Sebastian Tobie
Field Cover: Dirk Boda
Field Cover: Dirk Henneberger
Field Cover: Matthew Kelly
Field Cover: Richard Dunne

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