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Excellence Awards 2014
train-main Photo Credit: Craig Mitchell, LMG Touring

Train, 2013 Mermaids of Alcatraz Tour

Train set out to create an incomparable 2013 tour with a redesigned, theme-inspired video and lighting setup, and a top of the line sound system.

Train made a big splash for fans with their 2013 tour, Mermaids of Alcatraz. LMG Touring joined forces with Train on the road to provide audio, video, and lighting. The tour launched in July and hit cities across North America such as Toronto, Atlanta, Dallas, Charlotte, Phoenix, and of course the band's home city, San Francisco.  Promoting a new album, California 37, along with a classic lineup from Save Me San Francisco, Train set out to create an incomparable experience for fans with a freshly redesigned, theme-inspired video and lighting setup, and a top of the line sound system.

Comprised of more than 100 8MM LED Tiles, including innovative LED triangles, three floating crowns acted as the main video backdrop to display supporting graphics and IMAG, and were custom rigged to maneuver into different positions throughout the show. In addition, LMG rigged over 125 12MM Delta 12 LED panels behind the three main crowns, creating a brilliant and captivating video display that appeared to hover over the stage and audience.  The initial inspiration for the design stemmed from the name of the tour, Mermaids of Alcatraz. Lighting designer Brock Hogan stated, “It was like… Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, I wanted to orient the set so it looked like the island, with the upstage video wall mimicking the bridge and cell bars, but not literally.”  

LMG Touring also worked closely with the Train team to develop a high impact audio and lighting system that was nothing short of extraordinary.  “For the lighting, I wanted to showcase new and innovative fixtures that we have not used before on the tour,” stated Hogan. LMG provided a full complement of VARI*LITE VL3000 and VL3015LT Spots, Clay Paky Sharpys, Robe ROBIN 600 LEDWash and Showline 640 fixtures for the lighting display, controlled by the grandMA 2 console.

To achieve the illusion of prison cell bars, the video wall was designed to contain a lot of negative space, and the 12MM LED tiles ran vertically with the Sharpy’s and Robins to fill in some of that negative space. The stage looks are layered among these surfaces and can showcase different images, or the risers, three crowns and Delta wall can have all the same image, mapped using the Avolites Ai media server.

LMG worked with J. Thomas Engineering to custom build the upstage video wall structure to support for the tour.  The design consisted of five columns of three sticks of truss, each bolted together as they fly out. The structures are essentially designed as pods, loaded with the 12MM Delta LED Tiles, ROBE Robins, Clay Paky Sharpy’s and SL Bar 640’s.

For audio, LMG provided a K1 L-ACOUSTICS rig to produce the highest level of quality sound, designed for large venues while still providing a level on intimacy for the audience. The audio system included K1 line array speakers, K1-SUBS, KARAS, KUDOS, ARCS and SB28 SUBS, controlled by an AVID Venue Profile console.

Project Team List:

  • Sam Mitcham, Tour Manager
  • David Ellison, Production Manager
  • Craig Mitchell, LMG Touring Rep
  • Rob Greene, Monitor Engineer
  • Jason Moore, FOH Engineer
  • Moose Douglass, Backline Tech
  • Ian Planet, Backline Tech
  • Ryan Huddleston, Backline Tech/Programmer
  • Erick Sanger, Drum Tech
  • Brock Hogan, Lighting Director
  • Tim Peffer, Stage Manager
  • Dan Bowers, Audio System Tech
  • Ben Ter Beek, Audio Tech
  • Nathan Lamb. Monitor Tech
  • Mike Bishof .Video Director
  • John Buswell, Video Assistant
  • Kevin Maas, Lead LED Tech
  • Joe Wolohan, LED Tech
  • Tony Dorman, Master Electrician
  • Billy Watkins, Lighting Tech
  • Wade Mannes, Lighting Tech
  • Skip Hutton, Spyder Op
  • John Lunio, Automation

Equipment List:

  • 1 ROSS Vision 3ME Switcher Package
  • 1 Spyder X20 Package
  • AI Media Server System
  • 102 8MM LMG LED Triangles
  • 33 Omega 8MM LED Tiles
  • 129 Delta 12MM Panel Tiles
  • 1 grandMA 2 Lighting Console
  • 16 VARI*LITE VL3015 Spot
  • 6 VARI*LITE VLX Wash LED Luminaire
  • 14 VARI*LITE VLX3 Wash
  • 20 VARI*LITE VL3000 Spot Luminaire
  • 36 Clay Paky Sharpy
  • 24 Robe Robin 600 LEDWash
  • 15 ShowLine SL640
  • 1 Avid Venue Profile Package
  • 12 L-ACOUSTICS Kara
  • 1 Soundcraft Vi6 Console Package
  • 2 Sennheiser G3 EW-300 In Ear Monitors
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