Throwback: New Kids On The Block Concert Tours

Throwback: New Kids On The Block Concert Tours

The Package Tour. Photo by Marcello Ambriz.

For Throwback Thursday, Live Design has assembled a collection of photos from four of the eight tours of popular boy band, New Kids on the Block, ranging from their The Magic Summer Tour in 1990 to The Package Tour in 2013. NKOTB began their latest tour, The Main Event, on May 1 in Las Vegas and will end July 2 in Buffalo, New York. Live Design created a gallery of photos from their current tour. Click through the pages to see photos from each featured tour.

The Magic Summer Tour

NKOTB's The Magic Summer Tour ran from 1990 to 1991 to promote their album, Step By Step. The tour was retitled in 1991 to No More Games Tour to promote their album, No More Games/The Remix Album

New Kids On The Block: Live

Reuniting for the first time since their 1994 Face The Music Tour, NKOTB embarked on their 2008 to 2009 tour, New Kids On The Block: Live to promote the release of their album, The Block, with lighting design by Butch Allen. Bobby Schneider was the production manager. PRG Nocturne provided and set up the video, including seven 30' x 5' V-Brite columns, one 3' x 38' V-Lite truss screen, and a semicircular 7.5' x 38' V-Lite truss screen. The main screen is a 15' x 21' Barco D7 central video screen. Pyrotek provided the special effects, which included 20 cryogenic jets, multi-colored airbursts, streamers, and more. Pyrotek president Doug Adams designed the special effects for the tour and Pyrotek crew chief Eric Muccio and Kenn MacDonald implemented the designs.


​From 2011 to 2012, NKOTB joined forces with boy band Backstreet Boys in the tour, NKOTBSB, with creative director Ray Woodbury and production designer Butch Allen. The stage design included a 91' catwalk that led to a circular platform. Allen lined the perimeter of the 155' main stage and subsidiary stages with 79 GLP Volkslicht Zoom LED spots and 17 footlights down each side of the truss. Tait Towers built the stage. Associate designer Jesse Blevins operated and programmed the lighting board.

The Package Tour

In 2013, NKOTB went on tour with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men in The Package Tour. Butch Allen once again was production designer. Strictly FX provided the special effects, including two new gear items LED Cryojet and LED Confetti Dusters—situated around the main stage—as well as various launchers, streamers, balloons, and more. 

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