Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show: Staging Sketches & Credits

Flying high on an automated platform built by TAIT, Rihanna wowed in a red- and white-themed Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime show. Breaking away from recent shows featuring playgrounds, props, and buildings, the artist, with a little help from Willo Perron and Tribe, Inc's Bruce Rodgers, refocused the event on music and performance. The "elevated" (pun intended) show featured a series of platforms for the red-robed star and a throng of white-clad dancers to rise above a bright red stage, built by All Access Staging & Production, which ran the length of State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. 

In an interview with Wired, Rodgers outlines another benefit of suspending Rihanna in mid air: It keeps her off the grass!

Bruce Rodgers shared four design sketches with Live Design, and the full credit list for the production.

Tribe, Inc







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Produced by ROCNATION, Diversified Production Services and Jesse Collins Entertainment

Full Crew List

  • Design Concept by Willo Perron and Rihanna
  • Creative Direction and Production Design: Bruce Rodgers
  • Art Direction: Shelley Rodgers, Lindsey Breslauer, Maria Garcia and Lily Rodgers.
  • Art Department: Regan Eastland 
  • Lighting Design: Al Gurdon
  • Lighting Directors: Ben Green and Harry Forster.
  • Lighting Director/Programmers: Eric Marchwinski and Mark Humphrey
  • Gaffer: Alen Sisul
  • Choregrapher: Parris Goebel 
  • Assistant Choreagraphers: Natalie Bebko and Gab Robert
  • Field Creative Producer: KP Terry
  • Staging Supervisors: Cap Spence, Tony Hauser, Douglas Cook
  • Field Team Managers: Bryan Ransom and Holly Silber
  • FTM Coordinator: Roma Ramchandani
  • Music Directors: Adam Blackstone and Omar Edwards
  • Stage Manager: Gary Natoli
  • Rihanna Tour Manager: Jason Milner
  • Rihanna Production Manager: Joseph Lloyd 
  • Rihanna Lighting Consultant: Jesse Blevins
  • Producer/Director: Hamish Hamilton
  • Executive Producer/Director: Shawn Carter
  • Executive Producer/Co-Director: Desiree Perez
  • Associate Director: Cameron Whitelaw
  • Executive Producers: Jesse Collins, Jay Brown, Roger Goodelll
  • Co-Executive Producer: Dionne Harmon
  • Event Producer: Dave Meyers
  • ROCNATION: Jana Fleishman
  • Supervising Producer: Aaron Cooke
  • Talent Producer: Raphael Burne
  • Operations Director: Carly Vaknin
  • Coordinating Producer: Laura Paganucci
  • Site Director: Darian Reynolds
  • Production Manager: Erin Harding
  • ASL Producer: Brian Cavallaro
  • Production Managers and Coordinators Offsite: Michael Ferrante and Marvin Hickman
  • Production Supervisors: Sophia Bonhomme and Jenn Stanley Kashole
  • Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Jones
  • Finance Director: Chris Covin
  • Pregame Producers: Cheryl Alper and Brittany Brazil
  • Line Producers: Phil Sino-Cruz and Chelsea Gonnering
  • Field Staging Design and Engineering: ALL ACCESS, Erik Eastland, Tommy Rose
  • Head Rigger: Carsten Weiss
  • Flying Platform and Navigator Camera design and engineering: TAIT TOWERS, Aaron Siebert, Erick Fields, Paul Sapsis, Kiel Heerding
  • Lighting: PRG and PIXMOB
  • Audio: ATK
  • NFL: Peter O'Reilly, Seth Dudowsky, Jon Barker, Eric Finklestein, Tim Tubito, Phil Bogel, Ed Mangen, George Toma
  • Populous: Jennifer Hill and Todd Barnes
  • Pyrotechnics: Pyrotecnico