Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show Credits List

(Angela Weiss, Getty Images)

From designers to technicians, discover the masterminds and detail-oriented collaborators who were on the field, at the consoles, and behind the scenes at the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show, featuring performances by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. 

Performance Highlights

  • 800 Cast Members
  • 670 Field Team Members
  • JLO and Shakira’s cast of 158 performers included 7 pole dancers, 40 young girl dancers, 24 salsa dancers, and 40 core male and female dancers; 12 strings, and 8 drummers.
  • Music Director Adam BlackStone and his 11 piece band, with Production Manager Curtis Battles.


  • Executive Producer: Ricky Kirshner
  • Director: Hamish Hamilton
  • Supervising Producer: Jesse Craine
  • Lighting Designer: Bob Barnhart
  • Production Designer: Bruce Rodgers
  • Associate Director: Hayley Collett
  • Head Stage Manager: Gary Natoli   
  • JLO Creative Director and Choreographer: Tabitha Dumo and Parris Gobel
  • Shakira Creative Director and Choreographers: Jaquel Knight, Nadine Eliya, Maite Marcos
  • Lead Screens GFX design: Michael Figge, Katie Plummer, Ismael Zendejas, Michael Winkelmann, Possible Productions.
  • Props designs: Kley Tarcitano and David Mendoza of ShowFX
  • Cast Wardrobe: Dana Neillie

JLO Team

  • Creative Director and Choreographer: Tabitha Dumo and Parris Gobel
  • Design: Kley Tarcitano
  • Video: Nick Militello
  • Lighting: Cory FitzGerald
  • MD: Kim Burse
  • Assist CD: Katy Tate

Tribe, Inc. Design Team

  • Design and Art Direction: Shelley Rodgers and Lindsey Breslauer
  • CAD and CGI renderings: Amber Stinebrink
  • CAD and Art Direction: Maria Garcia
  • Renderings: Geoff Prickett and Erik Linton
  • Assist Art Direction: Lucas Ingram and Lily Rodgers

All Access Staging Team

  • Manufacturing Design: Erik Eastland
  • Staging Supervisor: Tim Fallon Jr.
  • Project Manager: Tommy Rose
  • Head Carpenter: Roger Cabot
  • Automation Technician & Fabrication Lead: Fidel Garza
  • LED Technicians: Zack Eastland and Roger Ramirez
  • Lead Staging Technician: Jesus Arroyo
  • Staging Technician/Fabricator: Julio Rocha
  • Staging Technician: Kyle Dionne, Jaime Lucio, Steve Murbarger, Kile Prieto, and Anthony Pozos

StrictlyFX Pyro & Special Effects

  • Pyro Programmer & Operator: Adam Biscow
  • Pyro Techs: Anthony Alamo, Scott Allen, Kim Augusten, Jeremy Fox, Matt Garrett, Randy Herr, Sam Jackson, Vince Lopez, John Lyons, Benjamin Markese, Eric Martinez, Nick Meyer, Eric Mockovack, Eric Muccio, Kyle Omar, Brianna Osorio, William Petrina, Tristen Ritz, Justin Seedle, Grant Sellers, David Serrano

Field & Staging

  • Field Cast Choreography Producer: KP Terry and her team of 40 casting, field choreographers and field ops.
  • Staging Supervisors: Cap Spence and Tony Hauser and their team of 12 Staging Coordinators, 44 IATSE Cart Leaders.
  • Field Team Member Coordinators: Holly Silber, Brian Ransom and assistant Roma Ramchandani and their 670 Field Team members.
  • PixMob team supplied LED wristbands and field arches.


  • Executive producer: Sophie Blondeau
  • Technical Directors: Christophe Lessard-Drolet, Jacques Vanier
  • Arches Technician: Audrey Vallee
  • Programmer: Eric Marchwinski

FUSE Video Production


  • Graham Buttrey
  • Mike Spencer
  • Luke Pilato


  • LED Technicians: Trace Deroy, Gary Madura, Brandon Oosterhof, Luke Pilato, Rod Silhanek, Michael Spencer
  • Media Server Opertator: Jason Rudoplh
  • Media Server Technician: Tim Nauss
  • Cameras: Rob Balton, Nicholas Bee, Bob Del Russo, Kevin French, Jay Kulick, Tore Livia, Jeff Latonero, Lyn Noland, Jofre Rosera
  • Techno Jib Tech: Dan Balton
  • Jib Tech: Ryan Balton
  • Olympian Operators: Cruz Bernal, Vance Bishop, Ernest Rudberg


  • 565 ROE CB5 tiles
  • Brompton SX40 4K LED Processors
  • 22 Brompton Tessera XD Data Distro Boxes using 8x Optical Fiber Runs
  • 4 4K Video Feeds (2 Main/2 Back Up)
  • 8 LED Techs

This is not a complete list of the many, many people who dedicated themselves to this stunning show. 

Check out more of our ongoing coverage of the production design, lighting design, special effects, video design, and more for the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show. 

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