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Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show
SB 53 lighting network.jpg

Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show Lighting Network System

PRG's Chris Conti, who was lighting systems tech and the lighting network designer for the Pepsi Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show featuring Maroon 5, shared the complex lighting network system diagram for Bob Barnhart's lighting design.

Click on the diagram below to enlarge the view.

Lighting Team

Lighting Designer: Bob Barnhart
Lighting Directors: David Grill, Pete Radice, and Jason Rudolph
Lead Gaffer: Tony Ward
Gaffers: Paul Bell Jr., Keith Berkes, Dean Brown, Richard Beck, Jr.
Best Boy: David Serralles
Spot Operators: Tim Altman, George Sennefelder, John Warburton
PRG Systems Tech: Chris Conti
PRG Project Manager: Robb Minnotte
PRG Production Managers: Jeff Javier, Travis Snyder
PRG Lead Techs: Matt Geneczko, Jeff Anderson
PRG Crew: Alexandra Ward
PRG Engineer: Jeremy Su
PRG Pre-vis: Tom Huston
Lighting Project Coordinator: Marie Turner
Spot Tech: Quinn Smith
Intern: Declan Moore
19 men and women from Local 927
Elation Rep: Matthias Hinrichs
Vari-Lite Rep: George Masek

SB 53 lighting network.jpg

Click diagram to enlarge.

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And be sure to register for Bob Barnhart's free webcast on lighting the Halftime Show on February 26!

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