Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show Credits And Staff

(Scott Cunningham, Getty Images)

Check out who was on the field, at the consoles, and behind the scenes at Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show featuring Maroon 5.

Executive Producer: Ricky Kirshner
Director: Hamish Hamilton
Supervising Producer: Jesse Craine
Consulting Producer: Rob Paine
Associate Producer: Arianne Shean Wert
Field Creative Producer: Kristen "KP" Terry
Associate Producer (Pre-Game): Lisa Geers
Talent Executive: David Paley
Associate Director: Hayley Collett
Pre-Show Director/HT AD: Susan Kopensky
Production Choreographer: Tiffany Olson
Head Stage Manager: Gary Natoli   

Production Designer: Bruce Rodgers, Tribe Inc.
Lighting Designer: Bob Barnhart, 22 Degrees

Set and Staging Fabrication: All Access
Pyro and Effects: Strictly FX
On-Field Tile Graphics: Glow Motion Technologies
Lighting Equipment Supplier: PRG
Sound Equipment Provider: ATK
AR: Silent Partners
Lantern Drones: Intel

Tribe, Inc. Production Design Team
Shelley Rodgers
Lindsey Breslauer
Maria Garcia
Lucas Ingram
Geoff Prickett
Erik Linton
Amber Stinebrink

All Access Staging & Production
Erik Eastland
Ryan Funderberg
Emilie Tufts
Andy Perrin
Michael Ortiz
Roger Cabot
Kyle Duarte
Micky Dymond
Zach Eastland
Timothy Fallon, Jr
Fidel Garza
Arturo Martinez
Kile Prieto
Julio Rocha
Thomas Rose

Lighting Directors: David Grill, Pete Radice, and Jason Rudolph
Lead Gaffer: Tony Ward
Gaffers: Paul Bell Jr., Keith Berkes, Dean Brown, Richard Beck, Jr.
Best Boy: David Serralles
Spot Operators: Tim Altman, George Sennefelder, John Warburton
PRG Systems Tech: Chris Conti
PRG Project Manager: Robb Minnotte
PRG Production Managers: Jeff Javier, Travis Snyder
PRG Lead Techs: Matt Geneczko, Jeff Anderson
PRG Crew: Alexandra Ward
PRG Engineer: Jeremy Su
PRG Pre-vis: Tom Huston
Lighting Project Coordinator: Marie Turner
Spot Tech: Quinn Smith
Intern: Declan Moore
19 men and women from Local 927

Special Effects
Special FX Designer: Mark Grega (1966-2019), Strictly FX
Pyro Programmer and Operator: Adam Biscow
Pyro Crew Chief: Scott Allen
Pyro Lead Tech: John Lyons
Pyro Techs: Tony Alaimo, Anthony Amato, Joey Atkinson, Brock Blakely, Richard Brisson, Jeremy Fox, Jeffrey Kasdorf, Steve Lewis, Eric "Mooch" Muccio, Tony Serrano, Chad Whitloc

For Travis Scott
Creative Director: Jessie Blevins
AR Producer: JT Rooney, Smasher Desmedt, Silent Partners
Project Manager: Michael Hernandez
Notch Designer: Spencer Sterling

Glow Motion Technologies
Tile Graphics Project Managers: Daniel Slezinger and Justin Roddick
Graphics: Andrew  Hildebrand
General Manager: Bart Barlettano
Technicians: Mike Allen, Derek Warner, Carlos Alvarez, Kelsey Heisel, Adam Roddick, Paul Dudley, Howard Gaving

Possible Productions
Screens Graphics Producer: Possible Productions (Michael Figge)
Screens Graphic Artists: Katie Plummer, Michael Winkelmann

Staging Supervisors: Tony Hauser, Cap Spence
Consultant: Stephen Thomas
Head Rigger: Joel Magarian
Riggers: Kieran Donnelly, Edward Green, Robert Lannon, Dannis Machado, Rein Ratsep

Staging Coordinators    
William Beysel
Shalah Cave
Aaron Chawla
Doug Cook
Robert Cray
Matt Gorenc
Glenn Ingram
Graeme Lagden
George Mcpherson
Tony Menditto
Nick Rausenberger
Benjamin Spence
Hans Wert
Richard Wold

Field Direction Team
Derek Call
Joe Cyr
Brian Donnelly
Mark Evans
Cynthia Geffon
Lisa Hart
Vincent Hicks
Amy Holt
Jamie Isley
Jake Lyons
Heath Mccall
Jamye Olthoff
Nancy Olthoff
Danielle Patrick
Loren Picciarelli
Tim Smith
Cati Snarr
Bryan Waterman

Staging Assistants
Daniel Carlton
Michael Mutti

Production Assistants
Matthew Weinhoffer
Serena Wong
Jonathan Aronoff
Ashleigh Avery
Tasia Cox
Chet Craft
Rashaad Donelson
Rowan Epstein
Madison Fairbrother
Malcolm Farrar
Marianna Gevorgyan
Allie Granzo
Aaron Hauck
Latasha Latimer
Cj Merritt
Rian Newton
Trish Quinto
Sean Satterwhite
Jonathan Simon
Ryan Sullivan
Mikey Thompson
Luke Van Brandenburg
Clayton Ziga

Be sure to register for lighting designer Bob Barnhart's free webcast on the Halftime Show to air February 26!

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