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Super Bowl LII Halftime Show
Super Bowl LII Halftime Show Christopher Polk. Getty Images

Super Bowl LII Halftime Show In Tweets: From Prince To Selfie Kid

We've got this feeling inside our bones, that Super Bowl LII is one to remember, not just because the Philadelphia Eagles appeared at the championship game for the first time in 13 years and this was their first ever Super Bowl win, but also because of Justin Timberlake's energetic Pepsi Halftime Show performance, with production design by Bruce Rodgers of Tribe, Inc, working with Timberlake's designer Nick Whitehouse and Josh Zangen with Fireplay, and lighting design by Bob Barnhart

All Access Staging and Productions built the set and staging, PRG supplied the lighting, VER provided video, ATK Audiotek did the sound, and Strictly FX designed and supplied lasers and pyro.

Whether you watched it live or enjoyed it later, here are some tweets that give you an overview of the performance, including behind the scenes clips, time lapses, and that Halftime Selfie Kid who is rapidly becoming as popular as the Left Shark from Katy Perry's 2015 Halftime Show performance.

Props to JT, designers, crew, volunteers, and everybody who helped pull off the biggest 12 minute performance of the year.

Here’s the 12-minute show - in 25 seconds.

Jimmy Fallon’s appearance on the Pepsi sign was for real.

JT’s tribute to Prince in the singer’s hometown was artfully done.

Even Selfie Kid wants to know what gear went into the show!

And let’s not forget Tony Award winning singer and actor Leslie Odom Jr.’s rendition of “America the Beautiful” to kick off the game.

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