Super Bowl LI Halftime Show 2017 Lighting Network System


Photo Ezra Shaw, Getty Images


PRG's Chris Conti, who was lighting systems tech for the Super Bowl LI Halftime Show, shared the lighting network system diagram for Bob Barnhart's lighting design.

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PRG provided 101 Universes of DMX as follows:
-45 Art-Net from a PRG V676 console driving the moving lights, TMB Solaris Flares, Chauvet Professional ColorDashes, and LED tape.
-55 sACN from an MA Lighting grandMA 2 console driving Glow Motion and all the pixel-mapped GLP impression X4 Bar 10s and 20s under the stage.
-1 Universe of Art-Net for pyro.

Check out Barnhart's lighting plots for the production.

Lighting Crew
Lighting Directors: Pete Radice, David Grill, Jason Rudolph
Gaffer: Tony Ward
Best Boy: David Serralles, Kieth Berkes, Dean Brown, Joe Faretta, George Clayton
Lead Tech: Robb Minnotte 
Tech: Matt Geneczko, Jeff Anderson
Network Designer: Chris Conti
Lead Spot Op: Tim Altman, George Sennerfelder, John Warburton
Lead Spot Tech: Quinn Smith
Assistant Lighting Director: Megan Seibel
Fiber Tech: Alex Ward


For more Halftime Show coverage, check out our Project in Focus, sponsored by Philips and All Access Staging & Productions.

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