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Stage Renderings for Robbie Williams Las Vegas Residency

Seán Burke of Holes In The Dark Limited, production designer for Robbie Williams' Las Vegas residency, shares stage renderings. Burke took on several creative duties for the residency, including lighting design and video design and co-designed the set with show director Barry Lather. With a small and shallow stage, combined with a low proscenium, for all the spectacle the creative team wanted to achieve, the set ended up being multileveled, in a horseshoe shape, with ramps on the sides and in the center. Click through the slideshow to view the stage renderings. Check out the lighting plots, and read about the full production design here.



  • Director: Barry Lather
  • Assistant to Director: Bryan Anthony
  • Production Designer: Seán Burke


  • RW Management: Michael Looney                                             
  • Production Manager: Omar Abderrahman, Scott Christensen
  • Wynn Production: Dale Hurt


  • Lighting Director/Programmer: Seán Burke
  • Laser Programmer: Lawrence Wright
  • Media Server Programmer: Zach Peletz


  • Stage Manager: Chris Malta
  • Stage Carpenter: Joe Rogers


  • FOH Audio: Simon Kemp
  • Monitors Audio: Brian Thorne
  • Autocue: Dave Reyes


  • Pyro/Effects Operator: Ed Sholes
  • Automation Operator: Jeremy Wetter

Backline/Stage Audio

  • Backline: Adam Cummings, Gabe Monnot
  • ProTools: James Wiffen


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