Rammstein's Europe Stadium Tour 2019

(Photo by Manfred H. Vogel)

A judging panel of entertainment professionals shortlisted Florian Wieder's production design, co-designed with LD Roland Greil, for Rammstein's Europe Stadium Tour 2019 for the Concert Production Design Award in the Concert Touring & Events category in Live Design's 2020 Design Achievement Awards. Vote for the most outstanding projects now!

Photo by Manfred H. Vogel

Production designer Florian Wieder, working with Roland Greil and Patrick Woodroffe of Woodroffe Bassett Design, created a holistic, visually concerted show which took the audience through various scenic looks and worlds. The theatrical lighting, dynamic video, and massive stage design supported Rammstein in making a lasting impression upon audience members.

  • Credits List:
  • Showdesign: Woodroffe Bassett Design
  • Lighting Desgin: Roland Greil & Patrick Woodroffe 
  • Production Design: Florian Wieder; Co-Design: Roland Greil
  • Set Design: Cuno Hahn 
  • LX Programmer: Marc Brunkhardt 
  • Video Programmer: Tim Hornung 
  • Ligthing Director: Faren Matern & Marc Brunkhardt 
  • Live Visuals: Haegar De & David Gesellbauer 
  • Proudction Director: Nicolai Sabottka 
  • Technical Consultant: Jeremy Lloyd -Wonder Works
  • Production Company: Neg Earth

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