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 Scene from Rock Vault39s performance of 1972 quotDeep Purplequot Classic quotSmoke on the Waterquot Erik Neilsen
<p> Scene from Rock Vault&#39;s performance of 1972 &quot;Deep Purple&quot; Classic, &quot;Smoke on the Water&quot;.</p>

Raiding The Rock Vault

Raiding the Rock Vault is a musical journey from the most influential era in rock & roll featuring musicians from famous rock bands, performing the biggest selling classic rock songs, beginning with the Who (1965) and Jimi Hendrix (1968) to Def Leppard and Van Halen (late 80&rsquo;s). Elaborate staging and production, effective use of video screens with rare photographs and historical facts, lasers and cryogenic effects, demonstrate the evolution of lighting and effects, all revealed in a chronological order of songs.

Raiding the Rock Vault is a two hour musical journey from an unrepeatable era of rock & roll featuring the biggest selling classic rock songs, beginning with the Who (1965) and Jimi Hendrix (1968) to Def Leppard and Van Halen (late 80’s). The rock & roll years are depicted through period costumes and elaborate staging (designed by Mr. Paul Dexter) and demonstrates the evolution of lighting, effective use of video screens, lasers and cryogenic effects, all revealed through time in the songs as productions grew larger. 

Rare photographs and film was researched by Dexter and licensed for use by Getty Images, famous rock photographers Bob Gruen, Baron Wolman, Neil Zlowzower, Ross Halfin and are featured with historical facts about each song on two 13’6” x 9’ LED screens, framed by the stage set. Each song was specifically edited with graphics and titles to compliment the songs and convey the pervading message that rock artists’ music and ethos will continue to live the hearts and minds of the rock generation and, capture that memorable time for future generations.

Highly conscious of not creating a “copy” band, the cast are musicians from classic rock bands that toured in their own right and lived through this historical time on the road; Heart (2014 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame), Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Asia, Quiet Riot and more. The show’s narrator, fictional character Johnny Taylor, is based on Mr. Dexter’s touring experiences, elaborating on “road tales” in the form of 4 timely acted skits, 4 short movies and threads the storyline from the perspective of a “roadie” in the 70’s and 80’s.

The Rock Vault conception is by Simon Napier-Bell, notably the manager for the “Yardbirds”, whose members later formed “Led Zeppelin”. He contacted music producer Sir Harry Cowell, and with his financial and musicians’ network brought the concept to reality. Both men are UK based and finding production in America led to the introduction between Mr. Dexter and Sir Harry Cowell. Dexter designed staging, lighting, lasers, cryogenics and produced video for the opening show at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles in October 2012. By December 2012 an agreement was signed to bring Rock Vault to the LVH in Las Vegas - the same showroom built for Elvis Presley. It stayed there until October 2014. Raiding the Rock Vault moved in November 2014 to the Tropicana Hotel, where it currently resides. 

The most challenging part about Rock Vault, as most shows are, is the consequence of time and money. The production needed a re-design and the subsequent processes ensued for different two venues (the LVH and the Tropicana). All production changed, including re-programming 630 cues on a MAXYZZ console first and re-programming on grand MA console second. Mr. Dexter used his network, resources and years of combined production design experience to bring a cohesive organizational plan for vendors, free-lance staff and union labor to deliver a quality production, on time and within budget.


Lighting, StageSet, Production 

Art Director 

Lighting Script, Direction

Video Director, Research 

Laser, Special Effects                       Mr. Paul Dexter

Video Editor/Creative Consultant     Haydon Lane

Scenic Art                                           Grosh, Sin City Scenic

Set Construction                                Gallagher Staging

Programmer                                      Benny Kirkham

Lighting Director                               Robert Pick 

Lasers                                                 Kelly Sticksel, Pyrotechnico


Vari*Lites                                           26 VL2500Profile, 



Elation                                               16 Platinum5R,

                                                         10 Platinum 5RSpotPro, 

                                                         8 CuepixPanels  

Martin                                               4 MAC Viper,

                                                         10 MAC700Profile 

                                                         4 Atomic Strobes     

Blizzard                                             24 LEDToughPAR Quadra

Kino Flo                                             2 8' Super Blue

83 PAR64                    

26 (4XBar)ACLs

22 Source4 Lekos

2 grandMA2 

96 XvisionTouring6.4mm VideoTiles

2 GreenHippo Rackoon MediaServer          Toucan Lighting Productions

2 RTI-14W NanoLasers                             Pyrotechnico

2 GlaciatorXStream LowFog

2 Viper foggers

5 X-StaticTornadoCustomAir w/CK,LED


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