PRG On The Road With Zedd: Houston

Grammy Award-winning EDM artist Zedd is currently on his Echo Tour 2017, with co-production design by Travis Shirley and Trevor Ahlstrand and lighting design by Steven HernandezPRG is supplying lighting and video technology, including 144 tiles of WinVision GL9s (Aire 1x2), 100 tiles of Winvision 9375s, two Barco HDF W30 projectors, and a Marshall CV502-MB/M camera. Gabe Damast is the video director on tour. Watch the video—the sixth installment in a road diary series—for a behind the scenes glimpse at Zedd's performance at Revention Music Center in Houston, TX. Watch the first videoBoston performance, Philadelphia stopWashington DC concert, and the Dallas performance.

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