Picture Perfect: Shots From Chili Peppers' Getaway Tour

Picture Perfect: Shots From Chili Peppers' Getaway Tour

With more than three decades of success, Red Hot Chili Peppers are still going strong and are currently out on tour with history's largest touring kinetic lighting structure. 

The Getaway Tour features production design by Scott Holthaus, with programming by tour video director Leif Dixon.

Tait Towers manufactured the massive structure, which comprises 1,200 lighting fixtures and 800 Tait Nano Winches, all operated by Tait Navigator.

Premier Global Production supplied 64 Claypaky B-Eye K20 fixtures, 52 of them active, as the main source for side lighting and all floor lighting on the tour's indoor show. 

"The more shows I do, the less I ballyhoo and slam color, but I'm making more bold looks," says Holthaus.

The world tour also features three MA Lighting grandMA2 full-size consoles: one for lighting, one for video, and a third as backup for both. 

Watch Holthaus and Dixon discuss the making of the kinetic structure in this video on the tour's stage and lighting design.

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