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David Gallos storyboard for Phishs 2017 New Years gag David Gallo's storyboard for Phish's 2017 New Year's gag

Phish's 25 Minutes Of Madness With David Gallo

Since 1992, jam band Phish has pulled a stunt during every one of their New Year's Eve performances, except for 1998 when it was deemed too distracting.

For this year's show, ringing in 2017 at Madison Square Garden, creative director David Gallo rained cats and dogs on Phish and their audience. Longtime Phish lighting designer Chris Kuroda collaborated with lighting designer Mike Baldassari and lighting programmer Andrew Griffin to light the gag.

On his Facebook page, Gallo shared videos and storyboards for the gag, which took nine months to plan.

David Gallo's first post of 2017 proudly announced the purrfect end to Phish's 25 minute gag.

Images of the storyboard and show display just how well the design was realized.

The "25 minutes of madness," as Gallo calls them, were well worth the nine months of planning.

First, there was rain, followed quickly by dancers carrying umbrellas. Then, there were just the umbrellas, still dancing away. Lastly, they let the cats and dogs out.

The design team went eco-friendly for this show with recyclable dry rain and biodegradable balloons.

The design team collaborated together to create a magic midnight moment to bid farewell to 2016 and kickstart 2017.

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