An Out-of-this-World Opening Sequence For 311 Day 2018

For 311's tenth biennial 311 Day, production and lighting designer Bobby L. Grey of Sightline Design Group wanted to create a rig that was as versatile as the band. His solution? Moving light pods. The biggest moment of the show was actually the first. “Displayed on the projection system, we had an animation that showed all of the different countries where fans have travelled from to come to the show, and it is so cool to see as it was 20 countries and all 50 states,” Grey says. “The pods then flew in to look like UFOs.” The pods created a lighting silhouette and “dropped” the band off on the stage before flying out again. “The band wanted this really cool entrance where they just kind of materialized with fog as if a UFO had transplanted them on stage.” Watch the video of the opening sequence above, and read about the show design here.

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