Northern Lights at Philadelphia Zoo's LumiNature

A judging panel of entertainment professionals shortlisted Ken Billington & Christopher Ash's design for Northern Lights at Philadelphia Zoo's LumiNature for the Event Lighting Design Award in the Concert Touring & Events category in Live Design's 2020 Design Achievement Awards. Vote for the most outstanding projects now!

Philadelphia Zoo's first-ever themed event, LumiNature, was a holiday attraction focusing on "What Animals Dream" with multimedia installations across their 42-acre Victorian campus. For a flagship lagoon show as the event’s centerpiece, the zoo reached out to immersive brand experience producer Jason Kantrowitz, lighting designer Ken Billington, and projection designer Christopher Ash Northern Lights, a 10-minute multimedia show that would play 10 times nightly encompassing panoramic visuals with an emotionally-charged soundtrack inspiring guests to cherish Planet Earth’s diversity of life and protect it against the impacts of climate change. A 35' tall polar bear was illuminated with ecofriendly LED lighting inspired by the aurora borealis and an imaginative kaleidoscope of environmental images throughout the show.

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