MB ProductionsLights Up Dark Side Of The Moon

MB Productions (MBP) was contracted to enhance the highly technical Roger Waters concert, held recently at Madison Square Garden for two nights.

MBP teamed with Live Nation, a live events promoter, to deliver the concert support package for this historic show. MBP provided a four-camera Sony D50ws SDI Flypack configured to shoot the performance in a widescreen 16:9 ratio. The live cameras were seamlessly mixed with prerecorded content supplied by Roger Waters’ creative team and touring video partner, XL Video. For the playback system, a pair of Grass Valley Turbo hard drives held all of the footage in their native HD1080i format. This content was controlled by a Barco Encore presentations system that enabled the production team to cue the footage manually or via time code. To integrate the playback and live camera system, a Folsom Image Pro SDI transcoded the High Def content to a SDI (Serial Digital Interface), which allowed the material to be intercut with the live cameras via MBP’s Echolab 5000 SDI video switcher.

The packed house viewed the video mix on a pair of 13.5’ x 24’ rear projection screens via superimposed double stacked Digital Projection Thunder 10000Dsx projector and Digital Projection HIGHlite 6000Dsx, supplied by MBP. XL Video supplied a 40’ wide Lighthouse R16 LED board onstage. Production design was done by Marc Brickman.

The concert’s first set featured a mix of both Pink Floyd classics and Rogers Waters solo material. The second set featured the Dark Side of the Moon album in its entirety.

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