+ Marks The Spot For Martin Garrix Tour Design

Production designer and show director Gabriel Fraboni takes us through the ever-evolving tour design for Martin Garrix, including the latest design debuted at Amsterdam RAI for ADE 2017. Click through the gallery to see its evolution.

Credits for Martin Garrix at Amsterdam RAI for ADE 2017

Show Direction: Gabriel Fraboni
Production Design: Gabriel Fraboni & Bart Straver
Lighting Design: Gabriel Fraboni
Video Design: Gabriel Fraboni
Laser Design: Gabriel Fraboni
Camera Design: Lorenzo Depa
Video Director: Lorenzo Depa
Lighting/Laser/SFX Programming: Gabriel Fraboni & Fabian Fisniku
Lighting/Laser Operation: Gabriel Fraboni
Pyrotechnic Design: Gabriel Fraboni & Bert Kelchtermans
Pyro Operator: Bert Kelchtermans
SFX Operator: Aubrey Wright
Tour Manager: Aubrey Wright
Production Manager: Bert Kelchtermans
FOH Engineer: Stephan Themps
Production Assistant: Amanda Barker
Promoter: E&A Events
Local Overall Production Manager: Iko Claassens
Local Production Manager: Ronnie Santegoeds

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