The Lumen Brothers Discuss Overthinking Your Lighting Design

In this episode of Light Talk, the Lumen Brothers discuss everything from resolutions for 2020 to lighting the audience. Join lighting designers and educators Steve Woods (SMU), David Jacques (California State University Long Beach), and Stan Kaye (University of Florida) as they pontificate about: Was there a "Year 0"?; New Year's resolution update; Branding yourself; "People plan, and the universe laughs"; Overthinking your lighting design; Balancing your analytical and intuitive selves; When is it appropriate to blind the audience?; Annoying the audience; Once again, Karen Carpenter makes her appearance on the show; Rocky Horror Picture Show; The Incognito Note Delivery System; Are we coddling our students and reducing our standards?; and hitting your target with a followspot.

TAGS: Theatre
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