The Lumen Brothers Chat With Marc Brickman

In this episode of Light Talk, the Lumen Brothers interview production designer, producer, director, and legendary rock n' roll lighting designer, Marc Brickman. Join lighting designers and educators Steve Woods (SMU), David Jacques (California State University Long Beach), Stan Kaye (University of Florida), and Brickman as they pontificate about: Designing in the moments; The theatrical nature of Marc's designs; Bruce Springsteen and how to be spontaneous; Wild Syncs; Lighting without time-code; David Byrne and the artistic connection; Jazz and staying in the groove; How technology affected Marc's design career; Moving lights in X, Y, Z axis; Watching the laser table burn; "Look at the Fader"... Some of the most effective lighting moments come from mistakes; Keeping your eyes open for opportunity; Rediscovering the mystery; The myth of big LED screens; Managing expectations; Who is afraid of the dark?; The negative space between the light; "Once Upon a Dream"; Landing the Pink Floyd "The Wall" gig; Using Telescans as overhead projectors; The iconic giant Division Bell Tour mirror ball; Marc's personal night club below the Floyd mixing desk; Marc's battle with his neighbors; Present artistic projects; Tactical Manoeuvre; the Empire State Building installation; The brilliant Genesis The Way We Walk Tour design; The Golden Age of Rock n' Roll Design; and Yoda Advice to students of lighting design. 

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