LMG Touring Creates Supernova Onstage

Singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne is on the road with LMG Touring from May through August in support of his fifth studio album Supernova, which was released earlier this year via RCA Records.

The design of the tour is inspired by the oil and water rock shows of the 60’s, and aims to explore a new direction in stage design representative of the stylistic changes in Ray’s new album. The tour’s creative director, Maureen Towey, brought the idea to life with neo-psychedelic looks. “We started with ideas about kaleidoscoping, color bursts, and planetary images. That imagery rooted us as we spun out in different directions.” For the set and video design, CandyStationsDeborah Johnson was brought on board. Of the partnership Towey said, “Deborah was a great asset because she works so quickly and imaginatively.”

The team also partnered with LMG Touring to incorporate LED screens and rear projection surfaces for a unique aesthetic. The use of a custom circular 8MM LED screen in the foreground adds dimension to the stage design and allows the content to expand and contract across the screen.  Director of LMG Touring, Craig Mitchell, stated “Maureen and her team executed the vision very well – incorporating the LED screens in a way that fit into the context of a Ray LaMontagne show.”

Says Towey, “This looks very different than any other Ray tour. I think Ray's fearlessness in moving in a new direction really paid off."

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