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“The need for entertainment is at its highest and my livelihood, the concert industry, is at its lowest,” says Jackson Gallagher, creative director at FragmentNine. “Many of my friends and touring families are now completely unemployed and devastated by the COVID-19 outbreak. Many stellar people have come together to create a streaming benefit concert series called Live From Nowhere. All donations and ad proceeds will be used to support those in the industry who need help now more than ever. We're just getting started, so stay tuned, but in the meantime, every like, share, and subscription will boost our ability to support this cause. If you're not in a position to donate as many of us aren't, just by lending your eyeballs and your mouse you can help an industry we all love.” Live Design chats with Gallagher on this innovative industry initiative under development and raising funds via GoFundMe.

Live Design: Where did the idea of Live From Nowhere come from?

Jackson Gallagher: It came from a place of us being frustrated watching our industry crash into ashes around us. The need for entertainment has never been higher, and our industry has never been lower. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to do something good for both fans and those who rely on our industry for their livelihood.  

LD: How does it work exactly?

JG: We are partnering with artists, designers, technicians, and so many more people. It's LiveAid meets pirate radio meets telethon. Artists are either performing a mini concert live on the show or pre-recorded along with our host interviewing these artists about their show that got canceled, impact of COVID-19, funny stories from the road, or whatever is on their mind.

LD: Who are the organizers? Do you need help or just funding?

JG: The organizers are over 50 people from across the entertainment industry. The coolest part for me about the project is that it is headed up—in part—by several different production designers. We usually compete with each other and never get to work together but now we get to pool our creative resources and build something big. 

Our core team consists of:

  • Jackson Gallagher of FragmentNine
  • Gordon Droitcour and Erik Anderson of Cour Design
  • Sooner Routhier of SRae
  • Chris Lisle of CL LLC and Touring Career Workshop
  • Seth Robinson of Sightline Design Group
  • Patrick Eaton of Fuse
  • Mike Hankowsky of Hemlock Design & Technology
  • Darien Koop of Darko Design
  • Jeremy Lechterman of FragmentNine
  • Bobby Grey of Notan Creative
  • Christian Thomas of Live Stems

And about 30 other volunteers helping in other capacities.

LD: Where will the proceeds go?

JG: We are partnering with the Touring Career Workshop (TCW) to coordinate the distribution of funds. Right off the bat, 33% of proceeds will go to MusiCares, who have a fund dedicated to this purpose. We're using the rest of the funds to make sure we reach every corner of our industry. TCW is forming a committee to direct funds to those in need and find other non-profits with a compatible mission.

LD: What is the most important thing that people can do during these challenging times?

JG: Keep live music going. Art out of necessity is an incredible thing. These are trying times, and some really incredible content is going to come out of many corners. Supporting our mission, other artists, and anyone supporting this industry is crucial. 

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