Lighting Plots For Oath's NYC Sunset Showcase

As part of the NewFronts digital media showcase, FIRST produced a large-scale, immersive show for digital media company Oath, staged by the Hudson River in New York City. Lighting designer Barrett Hall, of design consultancy Magic Hour East was tasked with lighting the event, which began during daylight hours and then transitioned through sunset on Manhattan's West Side, and raged on into the night. "I was able to get light exactly where we needed it," says Hall, "without worrying about not having enough foot-candles to keep the cameras happy." Hall worked closely with project manager J. Wiese and lighting programmer Eric Christian on the show.

Lights were positioned on an overhead rig as well as 14 high towers to cover the whole area, which included two main performance stages, plus half a dozen satellite platforms. Supplied by WorldStage, the design included fixtures from Philips Vari-Lite, Philips Color Kinetics, Chauvet Professional, GLP, Chroma-Q, Elation Professional, ETC, Robert Juliat, and more.

Click through the slideshow to check out the lighting plots and learn more about the design.

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