Lighting Plots, Gear, And Credits For 2017 MTV VMAs

The 36th edition of the MTV Video Music Awards was the largest the show has ever been, with the most artist performances and a 200' wide stage that reached 50' at its highest. Stufish Entertainment Architects designed the stage and shared their set renderings here. Bob Barnhart of 22 Degrees designed the lighting, with equipment supplied by PRG. Click through the slideshow to view the lighting plots and gear list. See the lighting team credits below.

22 Degrees Team:

  • Lighting designer: Bob Barnhart
  • Lighting director: Travis Hagenbuch
  • Assistant lighting director: Ben Green
  • Project coordinator: Marie Turner
  • Gaffer: Alen Sisul
  • Best boy: Chris Lopez
  • Lighting crew lead: John Cox
  • Lighting power/dimmer: Ron Murphy
  • Lighting LED tech: Daisy Toledo
  • Lighting assistants: Dennis Sisul, Chris Roseli, and Adam Hagin
  • Lighting director/board operator: Patrick Boozer

PRG Team:

  • Lighting director/PRG programmer: Pete Radice
  • PRG Chief Tech: Robb Minnotte
  • PRG lead techs: Danny Villa and Erin Anderson
  • PRG tech: Andrew Gonzales
  • PRG production manager: Travis Snyder
  • PRG account manager: Tony Ward
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