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Lighting Plots for the 91st Academy Awards

The 91st Academy Awards were broadcast live on ABC from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, CA on Sunday, February 24, 2019. In addition to the star power on the red carpet, the stage was newly designed by David Korins in his Oscars debut, and beautifully lit by Oscars veteran Bob Dickinson of Full Flood along with LD Travis Hagenbuch. One lighting note of interest: The footlights were warm white/cool white LED tape; when at a high level it tends to blow out on camera and look like a clean line instead of LED nodes. This was also used as the footlight on the rolling Oscar statues, with wireless dimming via RC4.

Check out the light plots, gear list, and lighting crew for this annual celebration of the best the movies have to offer.


  • Designers: Bob Dickinson, Travis Hagenbuch
  • Lighting Directors: Ben Green, Mike Berger
  • LD/Programmers: Andy O’Reilly, Patrick Boozer
  • Gaffer: Alen Sisul
  • Best Boy: Chris Lopez
  • Local 33 Assistants: Dennis Sisul, Brian Marshall, Kevin Sanchez, Brian Hoch, Walter Elizalde, Brian Cooper, Paul Reifenberg, Scott Thorngate, Chris Latsch, Jason Seagrove
  • Local 33 Spot Ops: TJ Santerelli, Steve Leach, Mark Bull, Joe Dominguez, Jeff Roseli, Terry O’Toole, Jeremy Brown, John Fisher
  • PRG Chief Tech: James Beaghan
  • PRG Techs: Janos Bode, Danny Villa, Andrew Gonzalez

Gear List

  • 193 Philips Vari-Lite VL3500 Spot
  • 142 Philips Vari-Lite VL3500 Wash
  • 2 PRG Best Boy Ground Control
  • 140 Philips Vari-Lite VL-5
  • 8 Philips Vari-LiteVL6-C
  • 20 Philips Vari-LiteVL2402
  • 78 Philips Color Kinetics Colorblast TRX
  • 2 Light Panels Astra
  • 6 ARRI Skypanel S60C
  • 80 Philips Color KineticsColor Force II 12”
  • 12 Martin by Harman VDO Sceptron 1m
  • 8 Martin by Harman VDO Sceptron 320mm
  • 5 ETC Source Four 5°
  • 80 ETC Source Four 10°
  • 15 ETC Source Four14°
  • 101 ETC Source Four 19°
  • 73 ETC Source Four 26°
  • 27 ETC Source Four 36°
  • 21 ETC Source Four 50°
  • 30 ETC Source Four 70°
  • 13 ETC Source Four 90°
  • 2 Mole-Richardson SkyPan 5K
  • 12 500W Orion floor cyc
  • 28 ARRI 650w Fresnel
  • 60 ARRI 300w Fresnel
  • 50 PAR 20
  • 8 ETC Source Four PAR NSP
  • 8 ETC Source Four PAR MFL
  • 78 ETC Source Four PAR WFL
  • 24 MR11 Strip
  • 2 Reel EFX DF-50
  • 7 Strong Super Trouper Spots
  • 1 PRG V676 console
  • 1 ETC Eos TI console
  • 9 RC4 Wireless dimmer
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