Light Plots And Renderings For The Sahara Tent At Coachella 2018

Andrew Gumper of AG Light and Sound handled production design at the Sahara Tent at Cochella 2018, which was held April 13-15 and April 20-22. Check out the equipment list and credits below, and click through the gallery to peruse light plots and renderings.

Coachella Sahara Stage 2018

315' deep x 260' wide x 105' tall AG Megastructure System

18,000 sq. ft. of AG Mega Staging

28 2-ton CM loadstar Hoists

212 1-ton CM loadstar Hoists

76 ½-ton CM loadstar Hoists

960' x 30'' supertruss

1380' x 20.5'' Box truss

2840' x 12'' Box truss

MA Lighting grandMA 2 Fullsize

1 MA Lighting grandMA 2 Lite

14 MA Lighting grandMA NPU

228 AG Raptor IP65 moving light

264 AG Sabor LED

32 Martin by Harman Mac Viper

16 Philips Vari-Lite VL3500 Wash FX

24 Claypaky Shotlight Wash

102 Martin by Harman Mac 101

24 Ayrton Nandobeam-S3

24 Ayrton Nandobeam-S6

12 Ayrton Nandobeam-S9

36 Ayrton MagicBlade-FX

108 Elation Professional Color Chorus 72

90 Claypaky Stormy

100 Elation Professional CuePix blinder

350 Elation Professional Opti Tri 30

15 SQM AG 5mm LED

850 SQM AG 8mm LED

128 SQM AG 10mm LED



Production Designer: Andrew Gumper

Technical Design/Drafting: Koen De Puysseleir

Lead Structure: Shaun Davila

Structure/Riggers: Patrick Roll, Mike Wild, Ryan Burke

Lighting: Kyle Cottrell, Steve Warmbier, Chris Wright, Mike Berry

Video: Matt Lake, Andrew Sclafani, Patrick Hartung, Alex Parayuelos

Lighting Programmers: Alex Aries, Bobby Brooks

Video Content and Operator: Ed Shaw


Click through the gallery to peruse light plots and renderings of Sahara Tent.

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