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Korn Brings LED Video Mirrors On The Nothing Tour

Metal band Korn has been touring since its creation in 1993. Originally formed by three members of the band L.A.P.D., Korn still features founding members James "Munky" Shaffer (rhythm guitar), Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu (bass), Brian "Head" Welch (lead guitar, backing vocals), and Jonathan Davis (lead vocals, bagpipes). Ray Luzier (drums) joined the band in 2007. Lighting designer Thomas “Church” Christmann began working with Korn in 2016. For the 2019 The Nothing Tour, the set was designed by Christmann in collaboration with sound engineer Marko Vujovic, who has been working with Korn for 10 years now.

The team worked with LMG, a subsidiary of Entertainment Technology Partners, to develop the right kind of new LED technology. “With the popularity of LED walls today, Korn has taken them to a whole new level,” says Jennifer Gorham from Entertainment Technology Partners. “If a cityscape of three-sided LED towers that move back and forth across the stage wasn’t different enough, the towers are also two-way mirrors giving a unique perspective, merging scenic and video. When the LED is off, the tech completely disappears, revealing the crowd’s reflection behind the band, making for a uniquely interactive and dynamic show.”

Click through the slideshow for an in-depth look into the dynamic video design and lighting.


  • Production Designers: Thomas “Church” Christmann, Marko Vujovic
  • Tour Manager: Matt Peloquin
  • Production Manager: Paul Binder
  • Stage Manager: Albert Bermudez
  • Lighting designer & Video Designer: Thomas “Church” Christmann
  • Rigging / Automation: ARS Entertainment Rigging
  • Head Rigger: Alex Dew
  • Automation: Michele Maglich
  • Fabrication: Gallagher
  • Video: LMG Touring
  • Video crew: Martin Calcagno, Marco Hernandez, Sebastian Martinez
  • Video content: Schoenman TV - Chris Schoenman
  • Lights: Morpheus Lights
  • Light crew: Greg Nunz, Olu Kiara, Luis Herrera
  • Carps: Steve Ward, Charles Phillips



  • 245 Roe Visual Carbon CB8 8mm, Full Tile Kit (plus 25 spare)
  • 32 Roe Visual Carbon CB8 8mm, Half Tile Kit (plus 5 spare)
  • 6 Brompton Technology Tessera S4 LED Processor
  • 75 Custom Mirrored Plexiglas
  • 1 SAMSC Catalyst V5 Media Server
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