Jon Kusner Lights The 2018 CMAs

Lighting designer Jon Kusner of 22 Degrees used a rig of 90% moving lights and LEDs to light the 52nd Annual Country Music Association Awards.

Click through the slideshow to learn about the 2018 CMAs lighting design.

Lighting Credits

  • Lighting Designer: Jon Kusner 
  • Lighting Director: Travis Hagenbuch
  • Lighting Director: Madigan Stehly
  • Lighting Director: Ted Wells
  • Lighting Director / Programmer: Eric Marchwinski
  • Lighting Director / Programmer: Kirk Miller
  • Gaffer: Mark Carver
  • Best Boy: Andy York
  • Best Boy: Cole Kiracofe
  • Digital Tech: Daisy Toledo
  • Pre-Vis Lead Tech: Mark Humphrey
  • PRG - Chief Tech: Jason Trowbridge
  • PRG - Lead Tech: Geoff Smith
  • PRG - Lead Tech: Megan Flanagan
  • PRG - Lead Tech: Erin Anderson
  • PRG - Digital Lead Tech: Tom Furginson 
  • PRG - Tech: Brace Balthrop 
  • PRG - Tech: Matthew Mays
  • PRG - Band Add Tech: Janos Bode
  • PRG - Production Manager: Jeff Javier 
  • PRG - Production Manager: Travis Snyder
  • PRG - Account Manager: Tony Ward
  • Lighting Project Coordinator: Marie Turner
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