Fountain Of Youth: 2013 Young Designer to Watch, Brendan Albrey, Lighting Designer

Residence: London

Current project(s): The Bootleg Beatles, Symphonic Grace: Paloma Faith with the Guy Barker Orchestra, Live UK Music Business Awards 2013

Most notable achievements: Paloma Faith Fall to Grace Forestry Commission Tour, Rhys Darby (from HBOs Flight of the Conchords) This Way To Spaceship DVD, The Bootleg Beatles at the Royal Albert Hall

When I started in this industry: 2006

Albrey designs for The Bootleg Beatles.


How I got into this industry: Accidentally—in my last year of high school, I got conned into helping with the load-out of a talent contest. This somehow led to meeting the head of lighting at The Court Theatre (Christchurch, New Zealand), and a year later, completely disillusioned with the physics degree that I was doing, I began working as a lighting tech.

Influences: Kevin Adams, Roy Lichtenstein, Cubism. I love strong geometric lines and defined edges. Nature—you really can’t beat the dappled light in a forest, the long shadow of an afternoon park bench, or the vibrant color of an airplane window sunset.

Best advice I’ve ever heard: Lighting design is like painting. You have to light the fore-, mid-, and background appropriately to create a balanced picture.

My favorite thing about the production industry: I get to work with creative, inspiring people and do something new every day.

Paloma Faith's Fall to Grace Forestry Tour


Favorite design/programming/technical trick: Look at the shadows; they can tell me as much about what I’m lighting as looking at the object/performer.

Plans for the future: I have mainly been doing concert work since moving to the UK, so I would like to pick up more theatre design/associate work in London. I’m very interested in design for rock musicals. The concert/theatre crossover is something that I find fascinating and exciting. I would also love to do some work with the RSC.

Other interests/side gigs: Playing guitar, track and field, food and wine.


TAGS: Theatre
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