Foo Fighters And The Iron Grohl Throne

Foo Fighters embarked on their Sonic Highways Tour, featuring production and lighting design by Dan Hadley and visual media content by Stimulated Inc., on December 10, 2014. On June 12, lead singer and guitarist Dave Grohl fell off the stage in Gothenburg, Sweden after only two songs into the set. Laying on a stretcher, Grohl promised the crowd that he would get his leg fixed and return to finish the set, and he did just that, this time seated while a doctor held his broken leg in place.

The remainder of the European tour was canceled, but Foo Fighters kicked off their US tour on July 4, with Grohl seated upon a monstrous throne of lights and guitars, incredibly reminiscent of Game of Thrones. The Iron Grohl Throne was the musician's solution to canceling the tour. The throne features its own lighting rig and moves from the stage up and down the catwalk. An epic musician like Grohl, who truly embraces the philosophy "the show must go on," deserves an equally epic chair. Rock on, Grohl.

Foo Fighters will complete their "Thrones"—sorry—Sonic Highways Tour on November 19 in Barcelona, Spain. In the videos below, first Grohl breaks his leg and continues the show, and in the following video, Grohl thanks his road crew for building him the throne he requested so quickly and so gosh darn awesomely.

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