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Excellence Awards 2017
Fontainebleau Miami Beach NYE Celebration 2017 Photographs by Seth Browarnik and Ryan Troy,

Fontainebleau Miami Beach NYE Celebration 2017

Leading the production design for Fontainebleau Miami Beach's 2017 NYE Celebration, featuring headliner Justin Bieber, was Tyler Frank from Everlast Productions, who was also the lighting director and programmer for the event.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach is world renowned for throwing some of the biggest parties. Their Annual New Year’s Eve Celebration is no exception, with this past year’s performance headliner being the hottest pop superstar of 2016, Justin Bieber. Philip Goldfarb, President and COO of the Fontainebleau Miami Beach said in a press release, “Each year, Fontainebleau Miami Beach continues to find new and exciting ways of reimagining our New Year’s Eve celebration.” Leading the production design was Tyler Frank from Everlast Productions, who was also the lighting director and programmer for the event.

Everlast’s goal was to create an environment that had more depth and theatrical stage dynamic, a sense of immersion between the artist on stage, the dance floor over the pool, the VIP tables surrounding the area and the hotel itself by integrating existing elements such as the poolside bar; all while working into the tight on-site restrictions of the Ocean Lawn area at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

Photographs by Seth Browarnik and Ryan Troy,

Everlast constructed a 60’ wide, 50’ tall, and 40’ deep dual-level structure over top of the poolside bar.  The dance floor and VIP seating extended 80’ over the central pool of the property. The lighting and the video elements worked together creating a unified all-encompassing composition celebrating the latest in entertainment technology while creating an environment that was filled with life and excitement.  The main rig consisted of 2 Chevron shapes with 10mm LED Tiles, Martin MAC Viper Profiles, Martin MAC Quantum Wash and SGM Q-7 Strobe between the LED walls and on bookends of the truss. There were 2 sets of LED tile totems which acted as wings to box in the proscenium façade and the upstage plane. MAC Quantum Wash fixtures filled in the negative space between the totems as side light with a column of MAC Viper Profiles. On the downstage level LED Tiles filled the backdrop between the custom LED circular staircases. Upstage center, at the heart of the stage was the DJ setup. A wall of LED tiles hid the upstage VIP entrance from a custom bridge that was constructed connecting to the valet lobby balcony. Elation Platinum 5R Beams lined the upstage level and vertical legs of the proscenium structure as well as two truss towers filling in the negative space flanking the DJ. The use of led pars up-lighting and down-lighting the palm trees along the edge of the pool created a cohesive tieback to the property itself.

The load in was restricted to 5 overnight shifts, so as not to disturb hotel guests; starting at 6PM and concluding at 6AM, all the while maintaining safe operation standards for the pool and bar that remained open during the days. The main headliner, Justin Beiber, wasn’t confirmed until a few weeks prior to the event, so Tyler and his team at Everlast Productions focused on creating a brilliant canvas that could support any act.

  • Event: Fontainbleau Miami Beach NYE Celebration
  • Venue: Fontainebleau Miami Beach , Florida
  • Date: 12/31/16
  • Artist: Justin Bieber
  • Production Company: Everlast Productions
  • Production Manager: David McCranie
  • Production Designer, Lighting Director, Programmer: Tyler Frank
  • Environmental Artist: Amber Cotter
  • Guest Lighting Designer: Nick van Norstrand
  • Master Electrician: Patrick Forrest
  • Production Rigger: Mike DeBlois
  • Video Engineer: Alejandro Mejia
  • Audio Engineer: Micah Hudson
  • Audio Engineer 2: Jay Newbold
  • Lead Carpenter: Jeremy Toedter


  • 1-MA Lighting grandMA2 Full
  • 1-MA Lighting grandMA2 Lite
  • 32-Martin MAC Viper Profile
  • 28-Martin Quantum Wash
  • 40-Elation Platinum 5R Beam Extreme
  • 15-SGM Q-7 RGBW Strobe


  • Digico SD-10 Console
  • Digico SD-7 Console
  • 36-Meyer Mica Line Array
  • 14-Meyer M'lodie Line Array
  • 12-DAS Aero 20 2way Line Array
  • 16-DAS Aero 40 4 way Line Array
  • 24-DAS 2x21" Subwoofer
  • 12-DAS 2x18" Subwoofer


  • Resolume Arena 5 Media Server
  • 400-LED Tiles (10mm)


  • 3 Yag Laser 3-5w


  • 820'-12" Box Truss
  • 560'-20" Box Truss
  • 180'-20"x30" Super Truss
  • 170-4'x8' Staging Dimension Stage Decks
  • 20-1/4 Ton Chain Master Motors
  • 4-1 ton Chain Master Motors

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