Entec Lights Up Guilfest

Entec Lighting supplied lights for three of the seven stages at Guilfest 2006, now in its 15th year. Held at Stoke Park, in Guilford, England earlier this month, the festival’s headliners included Billy Idol and Ah-Ha as well as a theatre tent.

Russell Matthews, known industry-wide as “Tigger,” coordinated Main stage lighting. Entec supplied a WholeHog II and expansion wing an Avolites Diamond 4 Elite console, all the headliners brought their own LDs. Dom Smith did Friday’s headliners, Embrace; JoJo Tillmann works with Ah-Ha; and Brian Farris pressed the buttons for Billy Idol.

It was a 15m Orbit stage, and space was limited. To maximize every inch, three sections of jointed trusses were used for the front and back runs, which hinged down and followed the contours of the roof, with a straight run of truss for the middle position rigged by Al Beechey and Urko Arruzza.

The moving lights of choice were Vari*Lites. Twenty-one VL2500 spots and sixteen VL2402 washes. There were six Martin Professional Atomic strobes, four JTE PixelLines on the mid truss, useful for daytime effects, five 8 lights along the top of the front truss for audience blinders, and six two-lites at the back. Additional front truss key lighting was provided from six Source Fours. Four floor-mounted vertical lamp bars provided side-stage cross washes, which were great for illuminating people’s faces. Two DF50 Hazers and Jem DMX smoke machines completed the stage look. The ample two-tier front of house mixer position housed three Strong 2K Super Trouper Followspots.

Four pre-rigged eight-foot “Power Towers” sat on the stage with scaff and truss strapped at every conceivable position to create shapes, angles, and maximum impact. The towers themselves were fully loaded with Mac 700 Profiles, I-Pix Satellite LED fixtures, bars of six Par cans, JTE PixelLine battens and ACL bars for fingers of light. Source Four Pars and Profiles along with a handful of Martin Atomic Strobes. A starcloth roof and many more MACs completed the look for a silent disco.

A more reserved look adorned the theatre stage. Two 30-foot trusses sprinkled with bars of six, Source Four PARs and Profiles plus fresnels provided an even coverage for the theatre, art and dance workshops taking place throughout the weekend. The kit was installed and dismantled for Howard Craggs by Chris “Gaddie” Gadd and Leo Tierney.

“It’s great to have built such a trusting relationship with one of the few remaining independent festival promoters” states Entec’s Noreen O’Riordan. “Tony Scott and his team work tirelessly throughout the year to guarantee an annually improved production infrastructure and quality line-up. The commitment from a small network of people is astonishing. In five years, we have seen the festival grow at a rapid pace without losing its roots, evident by the amount of suppliers and their expanding guest lists returning each year to have a drink, a chat and a chill in Mike Lethby’s legendary backstage bar.”

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