Empire Of The Sun: Creating Stages For SCMF

Double: Every EDM festival for which we handle the production is consistently double the size of its previous year, minimum. The ticket sales, the gear counts, the number of artists all routinely double or more from the previous year. Don’t get me wrong; this is a fantastic problem to have, but by the time the stages are being built, our team is furiously drawing and rendering out the next festival designs, and they have to be bigger and more ornate without adding build time. It’s a constant challenge, and we’re glad it isn’t growing because the audience is paying twice as much. It’s growing because there are twice as many people attending.
Sean Cagney is a production designer, media artist, and technology enthusiast who grew up in the industry in New York City and now resides in Dallas, where he’s the CEO of Amazing Industries. 
All photos by Rukes, courtesy of Sun City Music Festival.
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