EDM@LDI: Stem Mastering With Luca Pretolesi

EDM@LDI: Stem Mastering With Luca Pretolesi

Luca Pretolesi
At LDI 2014, Luca Pretolesi of Studio DMI will host an EDM@LDI session on the benefit of stem mastering vs. stereo mastering for electronic music. He will explain how to prepare files for stem mastering and explain signal files and set up. Pretolesi will also provide tips and tricks on EQ, multiband compression, M/S processing, clipping, dynamic range, and perceived loudness. He will be available for Q&A afterward. LDI 2014 will be held November 17-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Register today!
Meet Luca Pretolesi:
Those privy to the definition of ‘sound engineer’ can sometimes mistakenly assume it to be a solely technical position and lose sight of the creativity required. What Luca Pretolesi of Studio DMI does when mixing and mastering is nothing short of musicianship, taking tracks to an entirely new level. His approach is artistic, bringing a fresh perspective to songs and releasing the emotion that can be buried beneath unpolished sounds. He is able to enhance the music and create a masterpiece beyond the original vision of the artist/producer. 
Hailing from Italy where the genre was born, dance music is second nature to Luca. At 16 years old he was in school learning to perfect his craft as electronic music was gaining mainstream popularity. While most professional sound engineers are just now jumping into electronic music due to its prevalence in today’s pop culture, Luca has perfected the art of mixing and mastering electronic music with over 20 years of experience.  
He stands out among a sea of electronic engineers with his unique hybrid set-up, mixing old and new technology for an end result like no other. In place of a traditional mixing studio, Luca has created a mix of equipment, including computer plugins, custom-made hardware, EQ’s and compressors, and high end mastering gear. This combination of analog and digital parts allows him to add his touch to any project of any style as he has the best of both technological worlds at his fingertips. In a world of artists attempting to be a triple threat of writer, mixer, and producer, many of the greats already recognize it can be nearly impossible to perfect your own track. The brain becomes desensitized to the sounds as artists write and create their own music. Luca devotes all of his energy to mixing the final product – not the creation of the rough draft. Comparable to viewing a local channel vs. high-definition, Luca creates sounds that you can see. He takes one-dimensional tracks and gives them depth and separation, turning music into an iMax movie experience.
Luca's increasing notoriety is in big part to the number of high-profile DJs and producers who have sought out his talents. After mixing a track for an artist on Dim Mak Records, Steve Aoki picked up on the polished delivery of the track. Pleased with the results, he then bestowed the task of mixing his entire album ‘Wonderland’ – a project that led to a Grammy nod for Luca and opened the door to work from the biggest names in EDM. Within the last year alone, Luca counts Diplo (along with side projects Major Lazer and Jack U), MakJ, Lil Jon, Savoy, Gareth Emery, and Snoop Lion among his most loyal clients. He has also been chosen to complete the work of artists such as Iggy Azalea, Morgan Page, 2 Chainz, and Calvin Harris, just to name a few. With the opening of The Studio at the Wynn/Encore in July 2013, Luca and his skills are now even more accessible to resident Las Vegas DJs and those on tour.
As EDM continues to infiltrate more genres, Luca desires to bring his specialty to the table. From hip-hop to pop, and the continued spread of electronic dance music, he wants to extend his skills to any artist who wants a dynamic track with flair that simply sounds amazing. Yes, mixing, mastering, and sound engineering is technical, but it is also an art - and Luca Pretolesi is the modern day Da Vinci. 
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