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Daft Punk's Alive has just named the 14 Best Live Show Production Setups. In the top spot is Daft Punk's Alive tour (2006-07), which Live Design also named to the Top Concert Designs of all Time, giving props to Martin Phillips’ set and lighting design that included the video-mapped techno-pyramid on which the DJ duo performed to the retro wireframe and old-school video game-style graphics.

Also on the list is Amon Tobin's ISAM, for which EDM Master Classes co-creative consultant Vello Virkhaus and his team at V-Squared Labs provided creative direction, content creation, 3d animation, system programming, system installation, and VJ services.

And no EDM list would be complete without one of the most popular DJs around: Skrillex. His Mothership and its various iterations--three, in fact--have been around the world and back again on more than one solo tour. The latest version of the DJ booth, Spaceship MK3, was designed by Skrillex’s production director Corey Johnson and his team at Production Club and built by Tait. The first one was designed and built by Michael Christian and StageWorks in Seattle. The second one was designed by Production Club and fabricated by Stefano Novelli. Cory FitzGerald designed lighting for the latest tour (check out FitzGerald's lighting plots).

Skrillex, The Mothership (Photo Caesar Sebastian)

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