Edirol-Equipped VJs Storm The Festival Circuit

It’s official—festivalgoers rate top-quality visuals as highly as the music. Good job Edirol VJ equipment was one thing you could rely on at this year’s festivals…

This summer may have been a washout on the weather front, but it’s been an unparalleled year for festivals with practically every single one sold out months in advance. From the biggest-ever Glastonbury to the smallest backyard gatherings, festival fever has truly swept the UK.

So it comes as little surprise, then, that 2007 has been the year of the VJ, a year that sees these creators of stunning visual backdrops take their place alongside the DJ as the focal point of the festivities.

Not only do professional VJs rely on Edirol gear, they insist on it. Which is exactly why Edirol VJ gear has been a major factor in every major UK festival this summer. Whether mud-bathing at Glastonbury’s Dance Tent or gurning at Global gathering, lounging at The Big Chill or simply kicking it at Brighton’s Loop Festival, Edirol will more often than not be taking care of the visuals.

From award-winning shaped multi-screen supremos Inside-Us-All to The Big Chill’s VJ Amukidi, and from the legendary VJamm Allstars to revolutionary visual renegade Steve G, the professionals choose EDIROL.

So while you might not have been able to rely on the weather this year, 2007 will be remembered for the VJs and the equipment that lifted the festival experience to previously unseen heights.

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