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Dave Matthews Band 2015 Summer Tour Gear List

Dave Matthews Band 2015 Summer Tour Gear List

Photo by Adam Kaplan, ASK Media Productions.

Dave Matthews Band has been on its 2015 Summer Tour since May 13 when it kicked off in Austin, Texas, and it will conclude September 13 in Phoenix, Arizona. The tour features lighting and visual design by Fenton Williams, president of Filament Productions. Aaron Stinebrink is co-LD and programmer for the tour. Williams and Stinebrink collaborated on the production design of the stage, using architecture and art for inspiration. The set features geometric shapes wrapped in ceiling tin, as suggested by Omaha, Nebraska-based Acass Systems, which constructed the set. Click through the following pages for the lighting, audio, and video gear lists, according to the band's website.

Lighting Gear List

Photo by Adam Kaplan, ASK Media Productions.

Williams and Stinebrink hung eight Robe BMFL Spots on two lighting trusses high above the main lighting rig. The BMFLs shoot down through the main rig, creating a layered look. There are another six on a downstage truss specifically to light the acoustic portion of the show. These BMFL Spots also light the set as well as the audience. The last eight are positioned on the floor. Williams is running the show on an MA Lighting grandMA2 full-size console, with a Lite console for backup. Theatrical Media Services (TMS) is providing the lighting equipment for the tour. On the road for the tour are TMS lighting crew chief Pete Franks, lighting programmer and technician Tyler Packett, and lighting technicians Jerry Kaiser, Bob Chaize, and Josh Light. Check out the list of lighting equipment on the tour, according to the DMB website.

Lighting Equipment

  • 2 MA Lighting grandMA2 Lighting Consoles
  • 1 MA Lighting grandMA2 Lite Lighting Console
  • 2 MA NSP Network System Processors
  • 3 MA 4-Port Node Processor Units
  • TMB Pro Power 96 Way Moving Light Distro
  • ETC Sensor 48 x 2.4K Touring Dimmer Rack
  • 24 Doug Fleenor Designs Data Splitters
  • 4 DataLynx DMX Data Back Up Units
  • Green Hippo Karst Media Servers
  • 22 Robe BMFL Spot
  • 38 Pixelline PixelPar 90
  • 14 Philips VariLite VL3000 Spot
  • 26 Clay Paky Mythos
  • 31 Ayrton Magic Blade
  • 20 Clay Paky Sharpy Wash
  • 30 High End Systems Shapeshifter C2
  • 26 Martin Professional Atomic 3000 Strobes
  • 24 Martin Professional Mac Viper Wash DX
  • 7 iPix BB-7
  • 15 Thomas Linear 4 4-Lites
  • Tyler Truss 20.5'' x 5' Truss
  • 2 Tyler Truss 20.5'' x 8' Truss
  • 44 Xtreme Structures 20.5'' Curved truss (Various radiuses)
  • 12 Tyler Truss 12'' x 10' Truss
  • 4 Tyler Truss 12'' x 8' Truss
  • Clear-Com MS702 Intercom Base Station
  • 12 Clear-Com Headsets and Beltpacks
  • MDG 5000 Foggers
  • 2 MDG 3000 Foggers
  • 1 100 Meter Lighting Control Snake
  • 1 100 Meter Dual Ethernet Snake
  • 1 450' Fiber Optic Control Snake

Click through the following pages for audio and video equipment lists.

Audio Gear List

Photo by Adam Kaplan, ASK Media Productions.

Pro Media/Ultrasound in Martinez, CA is supplying the audio gear. For the input list, a variety of gear is used from Sennheiser, DPA Microphones, Shure, Neumann, and AKG. Read through the list of audio equipment on the tour, according to the DMB website.

FOH Speakers

  • Meyer Sound Labs LEO Line Array
  • Meyer Sound Labs 1100-LFC Subwoofer
  • Meyer Sound Labs HP-700 Subwoofer
  • Meyer Sound Labs Mica Self Powered Loudspeakers 
  • Meyer Sound Labs CQ-2 Loudspeakers

Monitor Speakers


  • FOH: Avid Profile
  • Monitors: Avid Profile and Avid SC-48

FOH Outboard Gear

  • Meyer Sound Labs Galileo
  • Metric Halo Mobile I/O 2882
  • MacPro with Pro Tools 10HD
  • Tascam CD Player

Monitor Outboard Gear

  • MacPro with Pro Tools 10HD
  • Shure UHFR Receivers
  • Shure PSM-1000
  • Shure PSM-900
  • Professional Wireless GX-8 Antenna Combiner

Drum Thumper Amplifier

Ancillary Crap 

Recording Gear

  • API L200 frames with 212L preamps
  • Avid Pro Tools 11
  • Tascam CDR recorders



Click to the next page for the video equipment list.

Video Gear List

Photo by Adam Kaplan, ASK Media Productions.

Filament Productions created the video content, which is played back via a Green Hippo Hippotizer media server. Filament is also supplying LED screens, cameras, and PPU for the IMAG relay. Below is the video equipment used in 2015, according to the DMB website.

Video Equipment 2015

  • Ross Carbonite 2 m/e Multimedia Flypack
  • Sony HSC 100 Cameras
  • Fujinon 70x Long Lenses
  • AJA Ki Pro Record Rack
  • PRG Nocturne V-18 LED Screen
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