Closing Ceremony For 2015 European Games

The first ever European Games concluded on June 28 during the Closing Ceremony, led by artistic director James Hadley, who has also directed Cirque du Soleil shows. The ceremony took place in the newly built Olympic Stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan after 17 days of 253 medal events with almost 6,000 athletes from 50 countries. Libby Hyland was the creative director and Josh Zangen the production designer. For both the Opening and Closing Ceremony, Robert A. Dickinson designed the lighting, Eric Tucker designed the pyrotechnics, and Scott Willsallen designed the sound. Nick Eltis was senior technical director and Ola Melzig the senior technical manager for the Closing Ceremony. Andres Karlsson was the technical production manager, and Toomas Vann the senior production manager. Watch the highlights of the Closing Ceremony in this video and check out facts and photos from the Opening Ceremony.

Closing Ceremony stage for Baku 2015 European Games

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