Chili Peppers Get Away With Largest Touring Kinetic Lighting Installation

Red Hot Chili Peppers surprised the world on September 1, 2016 at the premiere of The Getaway Tour in Budapest, Hungary with the largest touring kinetic lighting installation. Scott Holthaus credits the idea behind the production design to his wife, Ana, who found a video of a kinetic lighting installation by a company in Germany. Inspired, Holthaus turned to Tait Towers to help create his vision. Over 800 Tait Nano Winches help move the 1,200 lighting fixtures in the massive structure, operated by Tait Navigator. The structure continues to surprise audiences, ascending and descending above the crowd and Chili Peppers, who are now on the North American leg of their tour, which premiered January 5 in San Antonio, Texas. Holthaus collaborated with lighting programmer Leif Dixon, and together, they detail the overall design in the above video.

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