Children Of The Light Create Mirror Moon

Children Of The Light Create Mirror Moon

Children of the Light is a collaboration of Christopher Gabriel and Arnout Hulskamp, who have worked together for five years, creating abstract and spherical scenography with light, haze, decor, reflections, and animations. They first debuted in 2012 at a Darkside concert at La Trianon in Paris where they received critical acclaim for their light installation, Mirror Moon, a huge double-sided mirror that could be invisible in the darkness, but also suddenly reflect brilliant light in entrancing ways. According to The Creators Project, the duo has now created an installation called Zero Time that inhabited the Amsterdam nightclub Trouw, where they first met. Inspired by the Zero Movement's idea of simplicity and using only the essential, Zero Time uses very little technology or material, and requires the visitors to bring the installation to life with their own light sources. The Children of Light plan to do live scenography for Howling, composed of Frank Wiedemann and RY X. Watch the video of Mirror Moon with Darkside.

Children of the Light x Darkside at Concertgebouw Amsterdam from Children of the Light on Vimeo.

For the full article, visit The Creators Project.

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