The Catalyst Reaction


Projected Image Digital–exclusive UK distributor for the Catalyst digital media server–has sold several systems in the last few months, all of which are being utilized for a variety of projects and applications.

Rock-n-Roll Catalyst
Lite Alternative’s Catalyst has been out on rock shows including Keane, Sigur Ros (complete with the ‘Pro’ upgrade), and the Human League. On these tours, video has been integrated with the lighting, often through a single control desk, putting the entire visual show into the hands of one designer. According to Lite Alternative’s Jon Greaves, Catalyst simplifies projection control and effectively becomes a "lampie’s" tool.

Sigur Ros’ tour has three projectors–two of them moving–and LD Paul Normandale used the Catalyst for video projection and effects. Lite Alternative’s Catalysts are run by Wholehog® 2 or Jands Vista lighting consoles.

Catalyst On Tour
LD Vince Foster has used the Catalyst on a variety of tours, including Kylie Minogue, Phil Collins, Jamiroquai, and The Smash Hits Awards. Foster uses the Catalyst to supply content to LED screens or to drive PixelLine LED fixtures. He always uses Catalyst’s video effects combined integrally with his lighting effects, usually using a Hog® II or III desk.

On Kylie’s Showgirl tour, Foster used three Catalysts to drive video on three different surfaces including a 30mx10m Main Light Soft-LED™ backdrop, 32sq.m. of Barco MiPix, and 20sq.m. of high-resolution Barco LED.

Foster chooses the Catalyst because it treats video as a lighting source, thereby providing the same functionality. "The layering really works in constantly optimizing the system," he says. Foster also likes that he has complete control over video. Before Catalyst, video would be stored on a hard drive and once he pressed "Go" that was it. There’s always been flexibility with lighting on tours, but now he has the versatility to change the video at any time as well.

High-Resolution Lighting With Catalyst
Peter Canning has used the Catalyst system at the GSK Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for his client 3 Rock UK; for U2’s corporate hospitality for Bernard Griffin Lighting Design; and for the RTE Radio Sales and Marketing Party. On these events, Catalyst was integrated with VARI*LITE moving lights from CINE ELECTRIC and controlled by an Avolites Sapphire 2000 or an Avolites Diamond 4.

Canning uses the Catalyst for effects like scenic projection and static conference backgrounds and for using screens as virtual moving lights. "I haven't even pushed the boundaries yet with the Catalyst, but it is easy to operate–even with a huge hangover," he comments. "It’s great for preplanning content before getting on site and also allows for quick changing of images that don't work," he concludes.

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