Bruce Rodgers Creates A Religious Experience For Fans Of The King Of Bachata, Part 1: Credits

Romeo Santos, the King of Bachata, kicked off his Golden Tour at Madison Square Garden on February 15th, debuting a new show, designed by a promising new lighting designer: Bruce Rodgers.

Crew List for Romeo Santos Golden Tour


  • Olivier Goulet, Executive Producer
  • Fred Caron, Creative Content Director
  • Remy Dubois, Art Director

In Integration/Rehearsals 

  • Charlie Leroy, Technical Designer
  • Simon Janelle, Motion Designer/ Integrator


  • Remi Borgeal, Motion Designer
  • Andre Rowe, Motion Designer
  • Sanam Ghods, Motion Designer
  • David Churma, Motion Designer

All Access

  • Jesus Arroyo
  • Daniela McCallum
  • Marco Leon


  • Chris Balogh, Production Director
  • Raphael Burne, Back of House Coordinator
  • Scott Chase, Stage Manager
  • Oliver Geoffrey, Carpenter
  • Ben Giller, Production Coordinator
  • Karen Martin, Production Assistant
  • Dave Meyers, PM2


  • Joseph Bradley, CC/Media Server
  • Oscar Canales, Jr Cam/LED 2
  • Alejandro Castenada, EIC
  • Pia Eerikainen, LED 1
  • Trey Kerr, Video
  • Ryan Woods, Projection

Romeo Santos

  • Johnny Marines, Manager
  • Cristian Brito, Video Content
  • Jorge Caballo, Lighting Director
  • “Franky” Espinal, FOH Engineer
  • Miguel Estevez, Guitar Tech
  • Wilfredo Medina, Teleprompter
  • Javier Morales, Mon Engineer
  • Felix Peralta, Lighting Programmer
  • Alberto Ramirez, Backline Tech
  • Zoilo Rodriguez, RF Tech


  • Jorge Del Angel
  • Anthony Garcia
  • Christopher Owston
  • Travis Slater
  • Terrence Croix Trosper

Pyrotek Special Effects, Inc

  • Rory Jones

VER Rigging

  • Bob Powers, Lead Rigger
  • Dan Lowe, Rigger
  • Jimi Michaelis, Automation
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