Brooklyn Bowl Nashville Connects with Fans at Home

(Photography by Erika Goldring)

The recently opened 1,200-capacity Brooklyn Bowl Nashville has not yet been able to take full advantage of its concert facility due to COVID-19, but it has successfully utilized its live production and streaming workflow and remote capabilities to bring in-house musical performances to fans' homes.

“Brooklyn Bowl Nashville was one of the first venues in the country to host a physically audience-less concert, instead using Zoom to stream audience members watching from home into the venue, all powered by FANS, a new live streaming platform,” explains Jonathan Healey, vice president of marketing and digital strategy for Dayglo Presents, which owns and operates live music venues, including the Brooklyn Bowl venues.

Photography by Nick Letellier

A Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K sits front-of-house alongside the audio and lighting console and DJ booth, the performers take the stage. Three PTZ cameras, four POV cameras, two handheld cameras operated by camera operators feed into the switcher. A computer generates visuals for in-house screens and streams as an input. A HyperDeck Studio Pro is also used to record the performance.

“The program out feeds the venue’s 19 televisions located at the end of each bowling lane, 13 projector screens, and another computer, which encodes our live streams," says Healey. "The content is then streamed to FANS with teasers simulcast on YouTube, Twitch, DailyMotion, Littlstar and several Facebook pages.”

Brooklyn Bowl Nashville 2
Photography by Erika Goldring

The system has remote directorial capability where a remote director can switch a live show from anywhere in the country. “By streaming the ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K’s additional multiview output, the director can control the PTZ cameras, operate the stream via a VPN, and direct the camera operator via VoIP

Using FANS’ integrated video technology, Brooklyn Bowl Nashville can bring viewers at home within the venue, projecting them onto theatre walls or placing them into the virtual stream. “This makes for an incredibly interactive and dynamic viewing experience and encourages the audience to tune into the streams live instead of watching recordings later," concludes Healey.

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